Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



I'm from Bangladesh, I want to learn English  also.

hi everyone, i am keertana from sri lanka and am new to this. i can read and write even i can speak but i think i need to improve a lot in my speech... so please help me out

Hi everyone, I am ose from Palestine and I'm new here.

I'm not quite sure about if you using my way you'll improve your English or not but I really think it helps me a lot,you know,just listent to English everyday you don't need to read a book or studying grammar.This website can help you a lot simply dowload podcast or conversation and lots of thing and put it on your ipod and listenig,That's it?I'm sure in 6 month your English will get better.

 Hello Everybody! it's a  great place!

hello for any one  her in this site
i want to be good more than minister of foreign affair s british in english
but how can i get that .........

hi I am vasu I want learn english,I read  and written english but I do not write paragraph setences please help me 

Hi everyone!
     My name is Su... I'm  new in this web. I also want to improve my English. I 'll learn to get perfect English , as possible as i can..You Guys help me out.

hi everyone my name is Mohamed from Egypt and i feel very happy for us and i need to learn English .. thank you for all .

I know how to read,but cant speak and write fluent english help please!