The modal verbs are:

can could
may might
shall should
will would

We use modal verbs to show if we believe something is certain, probable or possible (or not). We also use modals to do things like talking about ability, asking permission making requests and offers, and so on.



Sir, are these following sentences right ?
If I had not had to run away I would have saved you. If Child had not stopped crying I would have had to beat him. and In the present, I'm scared lest my Dad should ask me as to what happened and In the past I was scared that lest my Dad should have asked me as to what had happened. I wish I wouldn't have had to do that with you.

Hello sir,
What is right "stay home" or "stay at home"?

Hello alien657587576,

I would say that the second (with 'at') is correct. Grammatically speaking, the first one is not incorrect as 'home' can function as an adverb but the second is what people say in normal use in my experience.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Sir,

Can we use "could" to show any future events/activities?

Hello amol,

The answer is yes. For examples, please take a look at our page on could.

If you have a question about a particular aspect of English please check the page or pages which relate to that topic. If you can't find the information then we'll be happy to help but we create the pages in order to provide answers to common questions, so please use them!


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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Sir,

Why do we use the structure "If I were" to show imagination?

"if I were" shows past form of tense.

Kindly guide.

Hello amol,

The past simple is used to speak about unreal or imaginary situations. So if you say 'if I were a rich man', it means you are not a rich man - you are talking about an imaginary situation.

See the section on the second conditional on our Conditionals 1 page - I think this will help you see how this works.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

i can (simple present, CAN is main verb)

i can a can

i can cans

a can can be canned

Could a can have been canned?

canned cans can can cans (personification)

can canned can can cans?

sir, i know these sentences are not used normally,
but i tried to make sentences
is there any grammatical mistake?

One woman is able to destroy the whole world.
One woman is capable of destroying the whole world.

can 'BE ABLE TO' be replaced with CAPABLE OF?

Hello pyramid,

Yes, you can do that and in general they mean the same thing.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team