The modal verbs are:

can could
may might
shall should
will would

We use modal verbs to show if we believe something is certain, probable or possible (or not). We also use modals to do things like talking about ability, asking permission making requests and offers, and so on.



Hi! I read the following answer in the ECPE exam and i have a question!
-Why did he take the day off work?
He needed it...............take his mother to the hospital.- The correct answer is 'so could he'.
Please, could you please explain the meaning of that? Is tha really correct? It's the key's answer!

Hello Marilia,

I'm afraid we don't give feedback on exams. In 'so he could take', 'so' is a conjunction that introduces a clause that explains something, i.e. the reason he took a day off work.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

dear sir/madam,

for past discontinued habit we use USED TO/WOULD

for making negative we can use NOT

i used to have
i used not to have

is it possible for us to use DID NOT
i used to have
i did not use to have

my opinion is we should not use DID
it is not regular simple past and the verb useD is not ordinary verb when we use for past discontinued habit.

please help

what, when we change modal verbs containing sentences into negative or interrogative, for example, You must say hello. how to change it in interrogative, or you might find the book . like sentences

you must say hello..............positive
you must not say hello........negative
must you say hello................positive yes/no question
must you not say hello.........negative yes no question
why must you say hello .....+ wh question
why must you not say hello .........negative question

Hello faiza zaka,

This is explained in detail on our verbs - questions and negatives page. Please take a look at that, and if you have any questions, please ask us them there.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Sir, what is the main verb in the sentence give below?
The irrigation department has to complete 85tanks.

S + have/has to + V1
The irrigation department ∆ has to ∆ complete 85tanks.


Complete Is main verb

Hello LoveKumar,

We're happy to try to help users with our material and even to answer questions beyond that where time allows, but I'm afraid we're not able to become personal tutors for our users, nor to provide answers to multiple questions on the same topic. Yesterday I answered a question asking us to identify the main verb in a sentence and today there are three more similar questions! Unfortunately this is not the kind of help we can provide with so many users on the site. These questions should be addressed to your local teacher!


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Hey, is there someboby who could help me with this task?
. Choose the appropriate form of the Subjunctive Mood:
1. If only they __ happy when they were married!
a) would have been b) were
c) had been d) should have been
2. Everyone __ his films better unless he __ that actor so often.
a) would like, invited b) should like, didn’t invite
c) would like, didn’t invite d) liked, would invite
3. I __ that contract if there __ any information about his going bankrupt.
a) shouldn’t have signed, was b) wouldn’t have signed, had been
c) hadn’t signed, would have been d) had signed, wouldn’t have been
4. Reread this phrase lest(щоб не) you __ the same mistake again.
a) shouldn’t make b) didn’t make
c)made d) should make
5. When he entered, everyone in the room looked up as if they __ a ghost.
a) were seen b) would have seen
c) had seen d) should have seen
6. It is recommended that you __ your tutor about your progress.
a) inform b) informed
c) would inform d) were informed
7. I wish you __ so much curiosity. It wasn’t proper.
a) wouldn’t have shown b) hadn’t shown
c) didn’t show d) weren’t shown
8. It’s high time the problem __ .
a) were dealt with b) dealt with
c) would deal with d) would be dealt with
9. I propose that he __ one more chance.
a) were given b) should be given
c) would be given d) had been given
10. Except for his help we __ still __ on this problem.
a) would __ be working b) should be __ working
c) were __ working d) had __ been working