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You can find a definition and example of 'may well' in the Cambridge Dictionary Online (see the search box on the lower right side of this page).

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Hi, may I know when can I use wind as an uncountable noun and winds as countable. Thanks

Hi Summerlove,

'Wind' as an uncountable noun is used without an article for general meaning ('Wind makes running harder') and is used with the definite article when referring to the weather at a particular time or place, including where the speaker is ('The wind is cold today').

Sometimes a speaker will differentiate in his or her thinking between different kinds of wind - from the east rather than the north, for example, or will be thinking of identifiable wind patterns, such as those over the Atlantic which aid travel in certain directions in certain locations. In these cases the speaker might say 'winds'. 'Winds' may also be used in certain literary contexts in a similar way, and in certain metaphors ('The winds of change').

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I saw is the pass simple.
I have seen is the present perfect.

It is correct?

Hello! Please, help me! What answer is correct? 1)England is not ________big as Germany. (so/as) 2)Well I'm surprised it was John. I_______have expected better of him.(would/could) 3)I really__________eat another thing,thanks.(wouldn't/couldn't) 4) This little device_______be the answer to all your technical problems.(need/could/shall/must) 5) What you're saying_____well be true(must/should/may/have to) 6)You______be serious! It's far too dangerous!(couldn't/can't/mustn't/may not) 7) Just in case you_____________it, I'll give you my business card so you can contact me(would find/will find/find/can find)