Think of a number with two digits. For example 43. Follow the Magic Gopher's instructions and he will amaze you by telling you what number you chose.



why I cann't see all games?

Hello Sandi Soe,

Most of these games are made with a technology called Flash. You need to have the Adobe Flash player installed on your device or to use a web browser that supports Flash to be able to see the games. You can download the latest version of Flash here and if you search the internet for 'Flash-compatible browser' I expect you can find one that will work for you.

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The magic dog is amazing!!!
How does he do it???!

donc a chaque fois on fait cette operation on trouve multiple de 9
et ce malin il s'amuse de mettre le meme symbole pour ces numeros

Wow...really amazing

Ahaha, I know how he did it ~~ I'm an intelligent girl !!! These numbers have the same pictures , 81;72;63;45;36;27;18. Let's try, every time that you do it, you will get these numbers, and they are the same pictures !!

Hello learnenglish..
Where I can find the tenses in this website?