Think of a number with two digits. For example 43. Follow the Magic Gopher's instructions and he will amaze you by telling you what number you chose.



This is really amaizing!!!

 I know the secret! If you think any numbers, the last result is a multiples of 9, in the game the symbols of the multiples of 9 (Ex:9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81) are similar and it changes anytime you click "try again" so it can guess your symbols.
Ex: 81-(8+1)=72; 82-(8+2)=72; 83-(8+3)=72; etc...

you have right this should be.......

Smart thinkin' :P

 i cant believe how it fins the numbers

 how do this work?????

Is it really based on probability method?

It is really amazing. I tried without writing a word on paper and not even put the cursor on the last table of the symbols. There was no physical contact between me and the picture. But the answers were 100% correct. Who can share the secrets??

it's so lovely.what's the way to find that symbol?it's so amazing.