You can make any English tense or verb form by clicking four buttons. Don't believe us? Have a go!

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Hello Dani64721,
I think it depends on your phone.  Some phones are flash-compatible and will be able to show the activity while others (including, for example, iPhones) are not.  We are working to update our activities to make them accessible through more devices, but this is a process which takes some time.  In the meantime, I hope you have another device, such as a computer, which you can use to access the activity.
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Hi, Here's a quotable saying excerpted from an old novel of 19th century, "In general, people only ask for advice, that they may not follow it; or, if they should follow it, that they may have somebody to blame for having given it."

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Now I got 10/10....... I don't now how to thanks you!!!!!!!


Please Reply.

How to play this game? So many people are confused. Please help, thank you!

Have you read the help page for the game? If you can be a bit more specific about your question, we'd be happy to help.
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is there any way to download this verb machine to my pc to learn when i am offline?

Hi Krishna,
I'm afraid that isn't a service we offer. Releasing software is a lot of work - it has to run on many different versions of Windows, for example. We just don't have the time or the knowledge to do that well on the LearnEnglish team.
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i love this game :)

I'm so sorry Adam but I still can't understand