In this section you can play games, laugh at jokes, watch videos and listen to people speaking English. Take a break from your studies and enjoy your progress.

Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises and transcripts to help you understand.

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Elephants learn to work together

Can elephants learn to work together to complete a task that they cannot achieve on their own?...

Video zone - Amazing DIY orang-utans

Orang-utans use sticks to catch insects, but do you think they would use human tools? Watch this...

Upper intermediate: B2

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

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How many points can you get in 3 minutes? Longer words score more points!

Verb Machine

You can make any English tense or verb form by clicking four buttons. Don't believe us? Have a...

Laugh and learn with our jokes.

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Why were you late for work?


What do you get if you cross some ants with some ticks?

Watch these videos to learn how to say the right thing at the right time.

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How to understand the differences between British and American English

Trousers or pants? Can you tell the difference?

Intermediate: B1
How to pay a compliment

Learn the tricks of paying compliments.

Intermediate: B1

Listen to people talking about things that interest them.

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Talk about: Vinyl

Jonathan talks about why he insists on buying vinyl records even though downloading music and...

Upper intermediate: B2
Talk about: Learning languages

Simon talks about how he managed to learn five to six different languages in a fun and easy way...

Upper intermediate: B2

Learn about British culture and food in these fun videos.

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A fried breakfast, coffee and orange juice

The US election was held on November 4th 2008 with voters choosing between Democrat candidate...

Upper intermediate: B2

Beans, beans good for your heart. People in the UK eat over 90% of the world's tinned baked...

Upper intermediate: B2

Why are Shakespeare's plays so popular 400 years after his death? Find out in these videos and improve your English with the exercises.

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Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

Juliet is just like teenage girls today! Jade Anouka explains the insights she gained from...

Upper intermediate: B2
Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

What do teenagers find so compelling about Romeo and Juliet? British actor Jade Anouka...

Upper intermediate: B2

Learn about UK culture by watching videos and listening to audio about a variety of topics.

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UK Culture: New words

New words and phrases are continually entering the English language. Listen to this Trend UK...

Upper intermediate: B2
UK Culture: Banking

If you want to live in the UK, you will need a bank account. Watch the video to find out more...

Intermediate: B1, Upper intermediate: B2

The Premier League is the world's most-watched football league. Watch players discuss their experiences in the UK.

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Premier Skills: English

In this video, four Premier League players talk about how they use English and why it is...

Intermediate: B1
Premier Skills: Films

In this video, four Premier League players talk about the sorts of films they like.

Intermediate: B1
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