In Grammar and Vocabulary you can learn and practise grammar and vocabulary through explanations, activities and games.

You'll find a detailed grammar by well-known author Dave Willis, a quick reference containing 48 common areas of grammar and games to help you practise your vocabulary.

This grammar by well-known author Dave Willis describes the ways that speakers of British English make sentences from sets of words.


There are more ways than you think to talk about the future in English!

This reference section provides brief explanations of 48 of the more common areas of grammar, each with an activity to help you learn.

Quick Grammar: Question forms

To form yes/no questions where there is an auxiliary verb or a modal verb, we invert the word order of a positive sentence.

Quick Grammar: Reported Speech 1

In reported speech the tenses, word-order and pronouns may be different from the original sentence.

In this section you can learn and practise a large number of areas of English vocabulary and have some fun as well.


What are these activities called?


Do you know what the names of these types of food are?

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