Grammar and words

In Grammar and words you can learn and practise grammar and vocabulary through explanations, activities and games.

You can find extensive grammar explanations written by well-known author Dave Willis, a quick reference section containing 48 of the more common areas of grammar, and a large number of games that help you practise many areas of grammar and vocabulary.

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What's in Grammar & Words?

Practice – Grammar. This grammar by well-known author Dave Willis describes the ways that speakers of British English make sentences from sets of words.

Practice - Grammar exercises. Did you know that you can learn grammar and have some fun at the same time? Practise grammar with these exercises.


Practice – Quick grammar. This reference section provides brief explanations of 48 of the more common areas of grammar, each with an activity to help you learn.

Practice - Word games. In this section you can learn and practise a large number of areas of vocabulary and have some fun as well.

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Peter M

Hello moonshadow1008,

It is possible, but not in this way. The past perfect shows an...

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Hi there! Is it possible to combine past perfect and past continuous in one sentence?

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Peter M

Hi iamginalynlopez,

These words are used in a great variety of ways, far too many for me...

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