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Why use completely for"Have you seen that film? It's completely


Absolutely to "What an absolutely
gorgeous skirt! Where did you buy it?" sentence?

Hello m1ndsrokk,

The adverbs 'completely' and 'absolutely' modify the adjectives in these sentences, making them stronger.

In English we can divide adjectives into two groups: gradable and limit adjectives.

Gradable adjectives such as good, bad, beautiful, surprising etc. can be modified with many adverbs such as very, slightly, quite, extremely and so on.

Limit adjectives such as excellent, awful, gorgeous, shocking etc. are already extreme in meaning. To modify these we need different adverbs and these are completely, absolutely, totally and utterly.


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What if I put (really) instead of (very), I see no problem in saying ( I speak really good Italian), and (It was very fantastic),, please advise,,

Thank you.

Hello Khaled,

In these contexts 'really' is simply a slightly more informal version of 'very'. The meaning is the same. Note that we cannot use 'very' with limit adjectives such as 'fantastic'. We can say 'very good' but we have to say 'absolutely/completely/totally/utterly fantastic'. If we use 'really' with these adjectives then it has the meaning of 'genuinely' rather than 'very'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

A competent English speaker has no use for qualifiers like 'very' 'really' 'absolutely'. Your professional credibility is lacking

can i say i could buy it or i could have bought it ? which is correct or both are correct ?

Hello olusola2762,

'I could buy it' and 'I could have bought it' are both correct but mean different things. The first refers to a possible future and the second refers to the past – see our can, could and could have page for more on all of this.

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could u please tell the difference between "You should have come to the party. It was
fantastic." and "You could have come to the party. It was

Hello Dhofari Lover,

Could you please ask this question on a more relevant page, e.g. one of our modal verbs pages? That way other users with a similar question can benefit from your question and our answer.

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when should we use "in sb life" and "of sb life" ??
for example, when I say: "this's the important things of my life!" or "this's the important things in my life!" .
are they all right sentences?if they are, does their meaning have any differences?