Some adjectives go with certain prepositions. There is no real pattern – you need to learn them as you meet them. 


By the way please help me correct my comment if there were mistakes

Hi all,
I have just focus on other skills before actually, such as speaking and reading. Now I start to learn writing skill and fell plenty tough. I also want to get a hight score at IELTS test. Pleasure to learn from you all and hopefully receive your sharing at learning english skills

Hello sambala,

Learning to write well in another language takes time and practice for most people. There's some general advice on improving your writing on our Frequently asked questions page that I would recommend. I'd also suggest you visit TakeIELTS, where you can learn about the test format, the kinds of writing it requires and even find some free practice materials. There's also a British Council IELTS channel in YouTube and a free MOOC you might want to investigate. Finally, our IELTS section and Facebook page has advice on writing and the IELTS from time to time.

I'm afraid that we don't provide the service of correcting users' texts, but if you have a specific question about a sentence, we're happy to help.

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi all,
I am new to this blog and you won't believe that I am like heaven. although I have got just 40% in my first test but pretty satisfied with my progress and above all extremely happy with all that I have learned so far in a single day. thanks a lot once again

Hi! How are you? Please write the comments as much as you can. It is the best method for writing. Write something everyday, I am sure that here will be many people who can help you at this matter.
My way about studying English language is the reading the text during typing (at the same time) loudly and translation new words.
I am curious about your method for studying. Maybe you have any different? Please write it in the comment. I will be thankful.

Hello every body,
i hope that you are doing great.
i have finished the level test and i found that i'am in level B . when i searched for material for this level i found that this material not arranged. so i asked for advice how i can start ? which material i must study first.
Best wishes.

click the "find out your level" at the end of this page you'll be found many courses related to your level.

i am facing same problem.

Hello Mahmoud Adel Mohamed,

There are two levels which could be described as 'B'. These are B1 (the lower of the two) and B2 (the higher). If you do a search for each of these then you will see plenty of results. I suggest you try some materials identified as B1 and some as B2 to see which are best suited to you.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Everyone,
I'm sabi from Nepal. I am poor in English. I want to improve my english speaking and writing. And also want to get the high score in ielts as I want to try another country for a job. I work as a software quality analyst. Kindly need your help.