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Hello, I am Dwi , I am very glad because I can joint British Council. I hope that I can improve my English. So, I need your help.

Hello Dwi,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! We have a section for new members called 'Getting Started'. You can find it here - just follow the links to our best advice and suggestions for learning English most effectively.


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Why we must use 'the' for remote or TV, if not use 'the' so what's the problem?

Hello again ikhsanul amal,

You've found your way to an old page of ours that doesn't have the grammar explanation on it. I'd suggest you go to our Quick Grammar Articles 1 page instead of this one. There you'll see the second golden rule of articles ('Singular, countable nouns always have an article'), which helps explain the answer to your question.

'remote' is a singular, countable noun, so it needs an article – this is just one of the rules of English grammar. 'a' is appropriate in some cases, for example when we don't know if a TV has a remote or not, but otherwise 'the' is more appropriate. You might want to take a look at our definite and indefinite articles pages for more on this topic.

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Could someone please explain what tense is used in the following sentence?

'It is situated.'

How can it be present and past? Where can I get the rule for this and examples to practice it?

Hello Spag123,

The verb form 'is situated' is the verb 'situate' in the present simple in the passive voice. What you need to learn about to understand this is the passive voice – see our active and passive voice page for an explanation. 

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it's a good

Hi i'm new

i have a question
why we did not put "the" in this sentence ?

I like listening to music.

thanks guys

Hello Sofiane_english,

It is possible to use 'the' here, but the meaning changes.

I like listening to music - The meaning here is general. The person likes music (as opposed to silence or speaking)

I like listening to the music - The meaning here is specific. The person is talking about a particular example of music - presumably, we know which example from the context. For example, if someone said this in a nightclub then we would understand that they are talking about the music which is playing in the nightclub.

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Dear peter
Can i join your team ? Beacause I would like to improve my english language