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By practise I did it.Even though I got full marks I am still unable to make out the difference.I am more used to British words than American.

I was supposed to get 5 marks, but the'' elevator'' did not allow me to have full marks - what a pity !

Dear Teacher.
I've questions. I've learn English since a few months ago just from Internet. I just practice to listen as much English from many sources such as YouTube, this learnenglishbritishcouncil, etc. So, in my mind, I have to learn to make me understand English naturally. Just by listen as much as I can. I know, sometimes I hear from American Native Teacher, sometimes I hear from British Native Teacher. is it going make me confused?. because they are not same. What's the key, so Alongside I learn, it doesn't mix in my mind. I mean, I can make differences from both these English (American and UK). or... what do you suggest, just learn from British Native Teacher or...
thank you very much.

Hello afdhol19,

British English and American English are not so different that you need to worry about the differences at all. In fact, most of the English spoken around the world every day is spoken between non-native speakers, who are using their own versions of the language. But even if you were only going to interact with British and/or American people, learning either variety will enable you to understand all but an infinitesimal percentage of what you read or hear.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thanks it helps me in a great way

In my understanding, the word instead of 'elevator' in British English is 'lift' and the word for 'pants' is 'trousers'. Is this right? And are there any other words which are often picked up as the examples?

hi all i am new here and i want to practice speaking english , what can i do

dear sir,
what is the different in british and american english

Hello Vishaka Madubashini,

That's a very broad question - there are differences in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, though the differences in pronunciation are probably smaller than the differences between different regions within just British English, and the differences in grammar are relatively minor.  Both British and American speakers have few or no problems understanding one another.

I think you can find more details on this in this episode of our 'How to...' series.

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The LearnEnglish Team