Amandeep travels 400 years back in time to find out about the English Civil War. She finds out how the war was fought – and who won it!

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I know nothing about English Civil War. Most of things I've learnt about England is throw historical movies like "The Vikings", "Robin Hood", "Ivanohe", "Jane of Arc"....
I think the most important event in French History is the French Revolution , in 1789, and its famous declaration of human rights. But there are many more.

I think, I heard or read something about English Civil War from somewhere but I have no enough information, unfortunately. We have lots of important historical events in our history. But I think the most important ones were Independence War (1919-1923) and foundation of Republic of Turkey by Atatürk (1923)

I don't know about the English Civil War
The most important historic event for Turkey was the Independence War from 1919 to 1923

I wish I could studying VN history like this way

British people have very different traditions. And I know nothing about the English Civil War before watching this video. Very informative video.

It was really interesting.

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