Learn the tricks of paying compliments.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.




Hello everybody! I don’t find it’s difficult to pay a compliment to someone deservedly. And I feel we should do such things. I’m pleased to get a compliment if it is sincere without any exaggeration although I get blushed.

Hi everyone!
I think compliment is good for our life. It get more motivation in the life.Furthermore, the compliment make our effective in work, but it also bring complacent If who is too depend on it.

I love this video, really useful! It''s wonderful to learn natural expressions and vocabulary to pay compliments. I enjoy paying compliments to someone else everyday.

It's a good video that shows us how to complement someone or what to say when a complement

This video is fulfilling its function adequately.

Hi every body,
I really like when a receive a compliment .It means i'm doing the right thing, and it's really good.
The video is excellent .It's a great way to memorize the words .

I enjoy paying someone a compliment, but I'm sincere and, for this reason, I pay someone a compliment only when I really feel like.
When I sometimes happen to receive a compliment, I'm imbarassed and I try to underplay.

I think that this video activity is very useful.

I find it quite easy to pay someone a compliment especially if they did something good, but it is not easy to accept a compliment especially If you got a compliment from your crush, you would be so flattered and so embarrassed that you look like a red tomato.

Hello everyone,
Can I ask why the man said: "I just wanted to say well done on clinching the deal" instead of "I want to say..." ?

Hello Quynh Nhu,

You can use either of these forms. I think the past form is slightly more polite, but they are really quite interchangeable and have the same meaning.


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