What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.


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I am unable to answer the task two

Hello Devesh Raj,

Is there a technical problem with the task? I've checked it and it appears to be working correctly but please describe what you see if the task is not working correctly.


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If my girlfriend was a slob. I would remind her all day & all night.
Girlfriend is clean & careful

Keep calm and scream at him: Are you a man or just simply a slob?

My husband is a slob)) so i know what she felt perfectly well)

A slob boyfriend could be terrible! Good video!

I would like to ask about "up" : "can you just tidy up a bit?", "Wash up the dishes."
What's the purpose in a sentence?

Hello Marília_ Brasil,

These are examples of phrasal verbs which have the same meaning as the base verb. You can use 'tidy' or 'tidy up' with no difference in use or meaning. Both 'wash' and 'wash up' can be used when talking about dishes; 'wash' can also be used in other contexts, while 'wash up' can not.


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What would I do if I had my girlfriend that was I slob?
Well I guess that changing her would be an useless attempt. So I'd have two ways. To become a slob myself or to find another girlfriend who is not a slob.
I think this video is a good example of formal and everyday intercourse. It also shows right intonation to talk on native language. I liked it.

Hi, I am Sunny from South Korea.
This video is quite fun because it is super realistic, especially, the guy, he is into the role. His facial expression and upset eyes tell everything as the archetype of a slob.
To tell the truth, my children are real slobs, not my husband. He is busy in tidying up around the living room and the children's room, as soon as he is back home from work, while I am cooking. Thanks for making a fun video like this.

Ohh envy you) mine gets our house mess as soon as he comes back home))