Beating stress

Do you know you can apply the 'STRESS' theory to reduce stress? Find out more from Emily.

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Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.




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Upper intermediate: B2


It is curious theory I try to apply to myself. But in general, people who live in big towns the stress is constant value. If you want to get rid of stress you should go in countriside where is a trees, graas and birds and so on. I thing. I don't right mybe.

I think that to avoid stress, it's may be mportant some time to be disconnected from terminals like PC, smart phone and socio media. For getting a lot of information at the same time may have negative impact on us and may become stressful.


I live in Milano and I'm a chemical student and for these two reasons my life is very stressful but I try to reduce stress by doing some sport and watching TV series.
I think that the theory expressed by Emily about 'STRESS' is interesting and helpful. The things that are easiest for me to follow are smile and sleep, first of all because I am a positive person and secondly because I am capable to fall asleep almost everywhere. I also think that a little dose of stress is useful, but if it is too much it can drive you to the opposite situation and you can lose the final scope of your work for instance.

I live in Myanmar, where the pace of life is slower and less competitive.Moreover, most of the people here are kind and helpful.So my everyday life is not very stressful.There are many ways to reduce stress including the "STRESS" theory and I think one of the way is to surround ourselves with positive people because those people can affect our mood in a positive way even when we are facing stress.People have stress when negative changes happen in life and having stress in life is very normal because nothing remains unchanged.What is important is the way how people handle and overcome stress should be through positive ways for example sharing problems with families and close friends ,going out , singing and so on.Among them the useful way to remove stress completely is to focus on the problem which causes stress and find a solution for the problem.

I think everyday is a challenge how to deal with stress. I think doing activities from stress theory is useful. Just like reading. More helpful than reading is singing for me. The funny thing is l'm not good at singing but l always sing a high-note song when l feel stress. Maybe stress is a motivation. But l think depression is beyound stress. So we have to careful.

do some fruitful activity

Sometimes I have to deal with stressful stuations ( related to school at the most), being stressed is a feeling I don't want to experiment, but I agree with the fact that stress is present in everyday's people situations, so you have to learn how to beat it, and maybe is true that with stress you can do better things, but I think that stress can be get you sick, if you constantly are stressed.

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Sounds a bit naive.
Actually, in most cases, stress is a result of real problems - small or big ones, doesn't matter.
It's unlikely that you can cope with your problems just by smiling, sleeping, doing exercices etc.
To resolve the problems and thus avoid the stress you have to ACT.
Because without having something done your problems will grew worse and worse. And so does your stress.

So, I'd prefer to add article to this - A-S-T-R-E-S-S, where the first 'A' is for 'ACT':)