Horror films


Ready to brave the fear and feel the excitement? Mel talks about her love for horror films.


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Hi everybody
I think watching horror film is really interesting, 'cause we absolutly need someting frightening to amuse ourself. Indeed, I'm Indonesian we have a lots of unique ghost like Pocong, Kuntilanak, Tuyul and so on. And they are absolutly scrary.
Let you see them !

I don't like horror films, because when I watched Zombie film then all time in my mind these stories was ran...and sometime I felt that in my room there was zombie....uuuhh..So after that I ignore these types of movies

My roommates like watching horror film so much. I think they love horror film because it make them feel fear and anxiety or something else like tension. And sometimes they scream very loud and then laugh a lot as if they are watching comedy film. That feelings help them relieve stress. However, i don't like horror film so much. Because it haunts me after watching. Therefore, i really love romantic, comedy or action film...

I don't like horror fils nothing, because they make me to have nightmares. I prefer romantics films if it could possible that it makes me cry.

In my opinion, people watch horror films because they want to cry or weep. Or just laughing with their friends.
As for me, my favourite genre is a detective. I love to watch how a person investigates a crime.
No, I have not watched Alfred Hitchcock's films. I don't watch horror films at all! I think, in horror film there is a lot of blood and just scary faces...But in psychological thrillers you can't understand what will happend and also you can have changing feelings.
That is my point of view, it would be nice to hear yours.

I think that are people how likes the feeling of been scared but with the option, and the security, of escaping of it whenever they want or need. In personal, i do not like very much those movies because i do not like feeling that, even if i am aware that i am watching just a film and i can "pause" it.

I like more comedy movies than others because i really enjoy having laugh of the different funny situations that happened there. It is a good way of relaxing and forgetting the problems.

I have not seen a Alfred Hitchcock's film so i can not talk about them.

Hello everyone
I have seen several horror films, I don´t like violent films or gory, I prefer the films tense, I believe that blood is not necessary to terrorize, Agatha Christy, Hitchcock, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft there are good examples about suspense, an mistery.
Thanks a lot British Council Team

I don't really like horror films, but I can understand that people like to escape reality. For example, if you feel stressed about an exam, maybe watching a horror film will make you forget about your stress.

Some people watch horror films and enjoy them , I think they try pass their problems and daily routines , they prefer imagination events than real life , I think it’s their view and I respect it .
For me , I’m not addicted in watching films , some times I relax and enjoy films , I like detective stories , films of war , it makes me sharing with characters looking for the solution and hoping that peace and love beat at last .
my favorites are Gladiator , wiliam wallas , I repeat watching them many times .

I don't know why people enjoy watching horror films, but tastes differ. As for me I like watching comedy, drama and melodrama. I have a fancy for drama films becouse most good films are drama films and if you like watching films you have to like drama films.