Horror films


Ready to brave the fear and feel the excitement? Mel talks about her love for horror films.



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I love horror films, but I don´t know why.
My favourite film genre are love films, horror films and thriller films, I love the thiller.
Yes, I have watched Alfred Hitchcock’s films, of course.I think that, there are a lot of diference between horror films and thriller films.
I think always is nice to hear you.

hello everyone
I use to like horror films but by time ,I realized that there's no add in these kind of films ,always the same stories manipulating the same fairs and treating the same subjects which by the way became so boring "in my opinion of course".But if I have to choose among this horror film types ,I prefer zombie films because they're more funny than scary.
After all I prefer documentaries.

i also like gory films...i think the best one is 'final destination 3'.I've watched it for more than 7 times and i know what will happen each minute...I also like insidious which is very tense and interesting...these two films are very good.They must be watched by horror film 'amateur'

I am also keen on horror films, they make me feel adrenalin and wake me up from daily routine

I am trying to bring Justice for women in my country (Afghanistan)

I m not scared of horror films at all,that s why I don really like them;but I must admit there are quite some good films,like psychological one.I prefer comedy and drama,because death and blood are not so wonderful to see in real life.I think some people like this genre because it s something unsual to see in our enviroment (for example  going out,getting home...)unless you are doctor or something like that and produces a kind of excitement.It seems to be like reading poetry,seeing a picture,etc.I don t like these movies,but I have to respect it.

Hi, I don't like horror films because when I see I feel fear.

Hi everyone, I also enjoy bloody horrors films and my favorite is Final Destination because it have a lot of deaths. And I also recommend Saw I, II, III, etc. 

It's seems that author prefer films were peoples are fell in trap and there are no help from outer world (zombie apocalypse or mystery fog). I also like this type of films. This horrors forced me to think about what I use to do  if I find myself in  the same circumstances. What do you think? Have you escape if blood-thirsty zombies encircle you in supermarket? ;)

Of coarse there are people who like horror films.I think these people like these films because they control their full attention through  all the length of the film.
I like comedy and drama genera not only because they entertain me but also,since they are close to the real life,they show me the different aspects of life.
About the listening activity, I think the speaker is a kind of fearless and  cruel.I said this because I heard her saying  horror films are not scary at all and the interesting  scenes in horror films she liked is those in which people die in a horrible way.