Simon talks about how he managed to learn five to six different languages in a fun and easy way.


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

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Task 1

Choose the correct answer to each question.


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What is the difference between "being able to" and "able to", as it's mentioned in the paragraph number 2.
This site is really helpful. I do not have much time or habit to learn language, but whenever I have time I open this site and start learning the English language.My question is that, How can I build a strong learning habbit? I am neither a native speaker nor live in a native country to become a fluent speaker.Because I think you learn faster by speaking as writer mention it in the first paragraph as a top learning point.

Hello Hira Afzal,

The verb form is 'be able to' as in I am able to... / You are able to... / He is able to... etc.

The form in the test is a gerund, which is a noun formed from a verb by adding -ing. When you form a gerund from be able to you get being able to

You can read more about gerunds and -ing forms on this page.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everybody,
thank you for the article and asking about our opinion! )I completely agree with mmok´s point of view, particularly with the belief that it is important to embrace the language, in other words, not attempting to learn it because you need it, but because of genuine interest and curiosity. After a huge experience of learning four languages, I have come to the conclusion that time, money and internal motivation are my three keys to the effective language learning. It is worth emphasizing that each one of them is by far delicate and valuable, and depends on circumstances. In addition to the comment of mmok, I would like to highlight that the children give us a brilliant example to follow. They are able to listen for dozens of times to the same poems, songs or fairy tales. After that, they pick up on some most beautiful sounds words for them and repeat them... Awesome )

This is a very good website to improve our language either in speaking or writing. I would like to use this as my reference and hope to be able speaking more confidently in front of audience and submitting a very impressive assignment.

Hello everyone,

I think that this site is great for people who haven't a lot of time to learn English because I can listening audio, read transcript as many time as I need and next do tasks.

Hello, I find it easier to learn English by watching English TV programmes such as BBC news and dramas. In my view, the most effective language learning method for me are practise to talk, read and write more as practise makes perfect. Other than that, play some language games do helps me a lot. Good luck!

Greetings to everyone.
I consider the best method in learning a new language is, by no surprise, using it in a daily basis.
This is how I learnt French, by accepting the fact that I'm probably less talkative than a baby in terms of attempting a conversation with other people, by forgetting the obvious mistakes that I will commit at least ten times in each sentence and by not giving up in learning.
Children tend to learn things in a faster rate, and I more or less learnt to read Spanish and to comprehend it when I was of a younger age and yet, some considerable years later and I've learnt French in three months by employing the same mantra every day.
I also believe it to be important to embrace the language, in other words, not attempting to learn it because of need but by foremost because of interest and genuine curiosity.

I wish good luck to all the fellow language-learners out there.

I learnt english in a classroom setting and at the same time i practised by watching tv and listening to music.

Thanks alot Peter for your message, i really gratefull for the site and your help.

I liked the theme today, it was really fascinating, and it gave me helpful tips for learning English language.
For me because i dont have enough time to attend classes, it will be very useful to me to fix one hour per day to study English, listening and writing new words and learning them.
And everyday i build my language, i know it needs quite a lot time to be able to speak fluently and to hold a decent cinversation.
Using this site is actually too much helpful for building my language, for example from this three minutes audio i learnt sixteen new words. Really thanks alot for this site.