Do you want to slim down? Get some tips from Annie as she has tried various ways of losing weight.


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I've tried different methods to lose my weight but none of them worked for me because when you want to do something you should have to be consistent....because consistency is king ..henceforth i'm gonna start losing weight..

In my opinion, taking green tea along with one tea spoon of lemon is a good idea to lose weight !!!

Hello guys,
I don't have a Problem with my weight, YET, but I am a little bit leisi for training and I'm eating poor food... I have wish better eat and more training... Now I have other priorities and It is improve my English knowledge. Iam learning german too. By lernen I lose weight too but it is not fast as then by training...
How do you learn English?
The best greetings

I just tried it now when i am already here in New Zealand so I can use my time wisely and I don' t have anything to do. We bought a boxing thing in a garage sale and then I decided to use it. And of course there is a guide on it including the food that you are going to eat. In my opinion, good and healthy diet is taking the right kind of food. And it really plays an important role in keeping our body fit and healthy. Also, having a good slim body can boost our self- esteem. It helps us become confident in everything we do.

I myself tried to lose weight some years ago, let's say around 10 years ago. My weight was about 10 kg more than now. As we know, losing weight has got its pros and cons like we have listened to the speaker. I'm totally agree with her. If you want to lose weight you have to work so hard. The two most important things are going to the gym and getting on diet. I remember that time like a very hard period of my life but going over I got used to eating less as usual. Getting on diet makes you pay attention because you have both to eat every nutrient you need and in the right ratio. In the next coming months when I could realize that my weight was getting down I was really happy. Luckly I haven't got the rebound effect since that time.

I tried to slim down several times. That's what I always think about.
I used to go to the gym. I did some diets. I think the most effective method is sports and diet together.
A good and healthy diet is what normally youdy requires, not more.
I agree with being slim can boost your self-esteem.

Hi everyone
I don't know if going to beauty salon help you lose weight! it just doesn't sound right, you know if one say you can actually get rid of those fats by laying down and doing nothing.
does it

best wishes

Weight loss is must!

I tried different ways to improve my self-esteem with healthy food and sometimes I do the Dukan diet that makes me lose kilos quickly but increases my obsession for eating sweets. I read about whole wheat grain who increases insulin and makes you feel hungry a lot so I use oat bran a teaspoon in a yogurt 0 fat which helps you to eat less and it s high in fibres. I am always in a up and down row with my body and this doesn't help my self-esteem. I think I need a equilibrium and honestly I feel amazing when I lose weight! Running is the best way but momentarily I m very lazy! =( x

I didn't need to intentionally do something to lose weight. This was the case until just one or two years ago. Every summer with the temperature going up every day, my body just got slimmer naturally and hit the number which I considered was ideal weight for my height without the need of any effort. Although I would always gain some weight after summer but it was within a healthy limit I reckoned, and the bit of extra weight is quite useful when you have to endure the cold weather. However, these couple of years my summer magic power has seemingly exhausted. I stay at the top end of my usual weight range all year round. I wanted to try to maintain a diet, but foods are too tempting and I don't want to miss out the enjoyment of food in life. I think I will try some physical exercise like the lady said in the clip and see how it goes. I don't like running or running on a treadmill. It is boring. I don't enjoy those heavy equipment either. I guess it will be a while before I find something good. So in the meantime, let's forget about getting in shape, keep enjoying food and do nothing.