Do you want to slim down? Get some tips from Annie as she has tried various ways of losing weight.


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I agree with the author. Its very important topic. But not only for the girls in Honk Kong. Its interested for women in generally. All my adult life I am loosing weight. I have tired different method and I have wide experience of slim down. Especially for me the most effective way is mix of methods. They are going to gym, going to beauty and SPA salons and obviously maintain the diet. Its really hard keeping. And sometimes you interrupt and break your doing whereas the result is nearly. For advise, exactly morning running is fairly effective and facilitate to slim down.

I try to slim down every Mondаy ))) I tried a lot of methods and i'm against strict and fast diet, expensive medical intervention . the main thing I'm realized is a key problem goes into hiding in our brain. When you told that you want to eat more (after a lot of food) it was not real true . It was just a wrong singal in your head. When you want to lose weight firstly , you should begin with controlling your mind. You can use some trick. Do you have some yearnings ?Do you have your ideal image of your body? Yes, well. Then look at desirable food and put it on your left hand , while at the same time , put you big dream on your right hand, and you should choose more attractive and wishful.


Obesity is not good for health. An obese people may suffer certain disease like diabetes, hypertension and so on. In addition, it may loose your confidence. Hence, everyone should try to possess healthy and fitness body to gain self-esteem.
There are variety of ways to loose your weight: diet, exercise, medication and etc. Among them, playing regular exercise like running is the best way to loose your weight.
I had tried several methods to slim but none of them is much better than exercise. Now, I go to the gym everyday, playing exercise and it is really helpful to keep my weight.
Once, I tried diet to loose weight but later I suffered stomach ache often. Taking slim pill is also very dangerous and harmful for health. So, you should avoid to use slim pills.
Trying to be slim is not only good for health but also boost your confidence.
I strongly agree with the author's words.

i had tried losing weight a lot of times and i had been successful,I eat whatever i like but in small portions.I usually prefer Mediterranean diet,lots of cucumbers and tomatoes,greens and spices.i shy away from frizzy drinks,and i only drink plain water.i start my day with a glass of lemon water and it's refreshing after a night's fasting.Dancing is my form of exercise in the morning for half an hour and that opens my blessed day.

I am so lazy about this matter, but i really want to lose weight. According to me, Green tea is not effected. I tried. Use of proper diet and early morning give so pleasant affects on human body.

Thanks very much for your advise. I love your voice so bad. Actually, I consider myself a little short and fat. I usually sit down on the ground to work, which is really a bad habit. Recently, I have tried to sleep earlier, around 11p.m and have a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon each moning. It really refreshes my body and gives energy for a new day.

I've tried different methods to lose my weight but none of them worked for me because when you want to do something you should have to be consistent....because consistency is king ..henceforth i'm gonna start losing weight..

In my opinion, taking green tea along with one tea spoon of lemon is a good idea to lose weight !!!

Hello guys,
I don't have a Problem with my weight, YET, but I am a little bit leisi for training and I'm eating poor food... I have wish better eat and more training... Now I have other priorities and It is improve my English knowledge. Iam learning german too. By lernen I lose weight too but it is not fast as then by training...
How do you learn English?
The best greetings