Ron talks about his pride and joy - his lovely son.


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we have to know the value of our parents

That is what we called "Socialization" a long-life process in which we learn moral values, attitude, behavior & norms.

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The continuing debate on Nature versus nurture is expected to last long unless a common scientific measurements are set. On one side the pros of nature are defending as the greedy usage of human beings towards nature are letting the world suffocate.
Most of the peoples who are under direct impact are the least developed countries people who are contributing less if not nothing to the cause.
But I don't agree with this argument. As an information age man, I believe technology has contributed a lot and still it is contributing. And as technology is the number one nurturing mechanism and backing the development and good life of citizens.

When you look at what has been in this world before a century and compare it what is really happening to these times, you wouldn't oppose such development to keep the resources forever. Infact, the way we are applying the nurturing phenomenon may have a big room for improvement. We may suggest a better efficient use of the products, but there is no way we can compare to the stagnant arrogancy of dynamic nature of the world itself.

With a great care, I fully agree that nurturing is giving a quicker response to our unlimited desires. I fully support the use of nurturing methods towards teaching a child too.

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I have two children and they're my heart. My unhappiness disappears when I play with them and teach them the new things. Being parent is so great.

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One of the thing that are amazing me each weeks when i am at my mentor's house is how faster his daughter growing up and start already to communicate even though she doesn't know much to speak , but she keeps trying to say new thing , that is really amazing.

children have very things for recharger your batteries !
my son likes to play football
and watch tv but the better thing is to sleep