Do you know that cats' characters can change? Find out more from Dave about his two cuddly cats whose personalities vary with the countries they live in.


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Comprehension Task

Read the statements and decide if they are true or false.





If I have a chance to move to another country. I would like to live in Australia. That is my plan in the future. I really want to live there. Because the Life in there is not rushing. The rate of happiness of inhabitant is higher than other countries over the world. That is a evindence of the politic government which are very good and fair. On the other hand, The cost of living in there is not too high. People there are being lived in the good situationss Specially, The system of education programme is the fist role

If my job allowed me to move around the world, I would like to work in Great Britain, Germany and France. Work in each of these countries can improve your qualifications. So I think people who work in different countries have a really diverse experience. I would like to have this experiment.

Every morning when I wake-up I said to the sun that I will say "good morning" in Finland. I dont know why I love Finland but I very fall in love Finland education systems. I ever had a pet, my pet is hamster that I gave them names are CHACA and BEDUL. If I opened their home, he would bring his leg to my hand, its very wonderful sessions.

I want to live in Italy, because it's only one country that i have visited. i like its temp of life and emotionality speech.
I have cat Lappy. He very cute and kind. He wait for me near the door and when I come in he say myo. He very gentle, but have his independent character and i like it. I respect him and he respect me)
Now I think about small dog. Pug Louie

If I could move to the other conutry to live and work, I will go back to Australia because some time before I was there and it is a wonderfull place.
I dont know anything about cats, however I will like to have one because my daugter loves cats, Long time before I had a dog so I agree they are friendly and loyalty.
I wanna have a pet and I would like to have a dog.

I would like to move in New Zealand because my mother and two sisters are already there.I am the one left in the Philippines with my family. And as of now that I am here with them I feel comfortable and happy. I like the environment here, the people, their way of living and ofcourse the wages for the worker. It is high than in the Philippines. I like them both, cats and dogs especially those little one's what I mean little in nature that they really dont grow.

if i get the chance to move arround world,i will go to england and join Oxford University to improve my educational level so accordingly my working experience will be better.
for the second question , actually i don't like to have a pit because i'm afraid from any virus or illness transfers to my family from them also .
please tell me about my language mistakes

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If I can choose. I would prefer to work in the USA. In my opinion, it’s one of the most developing countries in the world. Also I dream to visit many cities of this country, such as New York, Washington, Chigago and etc. And I believed, all this can be combined with work. What about next question, my opinion is ambiguous, because sometimes cats can be loyal and friendly, while dog can be aloof:) But In my view this pets have different character.
Nowadays, I have a cat. Her breed it’s Scottish Straight, but if my parents agreed, I would get a dog, because I love this animals, especially Labradors.

I always wanted to live in America. It's a good country for studying and developing science and technology. And the view of city is also amazing such as NY, LA, WA, etc.

I think, both of that animals are human friends. So if I'm offered of choosing cat or dog, I'll take both of them.