Jonathan talks about why he insists on buying vinyl records even though downloading music and listening to iPods has become so popular.

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Task 1

Match the beginnings and endings to make true sentences.






i like this listening activity

Yes, I listed jazz years before, but nowadays have one of them in my country is really hard, personally I like Rock, Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Pop and Hip Hop music, I do not have a specific kind of music, I used to listen Metallica and exactly remind the kill é all was for me a fantastic cover. this acitivity is fun I can learn too much about vocabulary and accent in English.

yes, I have listned vinyl record when I was yonger because my bother had a lot , but now I prefer MP3 sound. I love pop, rock.... al kin of music.

I have a collection of vinyl records from the 80s, however, the music played for dance choreography at dance school seems from sounds from the 80s.

I have some collections of our dance choreography with the most present sound.

Even my English learning path is till quite far but I will try my best day by day with British Council.

I had many vinyl records in my house. As a children, my brother, sister and I played with vinyl records. We also had turntable. Unfortunately, for us everything this was just toys. We used to play with records as they are frisbee. It was vinyl of Svetlana Velickovic, Dragana Mirkovic, Saban Saulic... (Serbian singers). Now, I do not know if we have any vinyl records in the house. I am going to ask my father...

Hi there
I was a DJ, whell in actually I still playing the turntables but not like a professional... When i was 16 I bought my first turntables and my first vinyls! i really enjoy the sound that It makes, I can change the pitch! the tone and the velocity... It's funny! I played in some discos here in Barcelona, but the reallity it's  difficult to fine a disco with a couple of turntables... the normal equipment are 2 CDJ or a PC... With this all the people can be a DJ hahahaha!! 
I'm new here, my english is not quite good but i'm gonna pratice and learn It! piano piano!
Many thanks,

I remenber vinyl record had two formats. 33s 45s. The first one has many melodies and the second just two. One on each face. I haven't seen again 45s vinyl record on shops.

When i was young I listened to vinyl record. I rememenber my father liked to buy it. We didn't have many of them because it was expensive. I agree that vinyl record is another kind of product.