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During the speaking or writing I'm lots of grammatical mistakes so you should give idea than I try to removed mistakes and I feeling so proud to get online learn English language from British Council thanks I'm off to sleeping

I also learn English because it's necessary for me, it's immensely important for my job and I learn writing skills, writing depend language skills without focusing English language how can manage writing skills so could you please be same advise to me while I improve my writing skills thanks a lot.

Hello MuhammadAdnanMemon,

It's hard for me to give you specific advice without knowing your English a lot better in terms of your strengths and weaknesses, needs and preferences and so on.

You can find some useful general suggestions on our Help page, and for IELTS writing I recommend TakeIELTS, which is the British Council's site for IELTS candidates, and which has a lot of examples taken from the exam for you to see.

I hope those links are helpful.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi rawdah,

I'd suggest you check TakeIELTS, where you can find comprehensive information on how to take the exam, as well as prepare for it.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, hope for best best, I am Anwar Ali Nizamani , now a days I am trying to study English improve my English and make my self ready for IELTS as I need Big score like I need at least 7 band IN each section , so I am confuse and I am not targeting my study that how should and from where should I start my study so I make my self ready for exam. Please help me I need your help.

Hi Anwar Ali Nizamani,

It's hard for me to give you any specific advice as I do not know enough about you and your English - this is not really something I can do in on the internet! However, I can suggest an excellent site for you on which you can find tips and suggestions about IELTS, practice materials, practice exams with sample answers and more. It's takeielts.britishcouncil.org, which is specially designed to help IELTS candidates like yourself.

Best wishes and good luck!


The LearnEnglish Team

Could you please guide me how to change the voice for the below sentences?
"Do I have to sent her money?"
1>>>"Do I send her money?" [Active]
>>>Is money sent to her by me? [Passive] OR
>>>Is she sent money by me?[Passive]
2>>>Do I have to sent money? [Active ]
>>>Is money have to be sent by me?[Passive]

Thanking you.....

Hello axu,

As I mentioned in my last comment, please post your questions on a relevant page; in this case, the active and passive voice page is the most appropriate, since your question is about that topic.

The transformations for 1 are correct. For 2, you must use the auxiliary verb Does instead of Is. Please also note that the word sent is incorrect in the active sentence in 2 - the base form send is needed, not the past participle.

Best regards,
The LearnEnglish Team