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Hi guys ! Can you help to explain what is different in "wait on" and "wait for" ? Thank you in advance.

Hi Jessy Vo,

The best way to find out this kind of information is to use our Cambridge Dictionaries Online link, which you can find on the right of the page. Just type in 'wait' and you'll see a list of links, including 'wait on' and 'wait for' as well as many others. You can see a definition, examples, grammar information, pronunciation guide and more for each. You can even listen to the pronunciation of each item. It's a great tool.

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Hi. My Name is Jam I live in UK specially Manchester, so any one wants to speak English contact me and I will help you, only tell me which area you want to improve your English.


It's great to see users keen to practise their English. However, please remember that for data protection reasons in our House Rules we ask users to neither give nor request personal contact details such as email addresses, Facebook names, Skype names and so on. Some of our users are below eighteen years of age and so we must be very careful with personal data protection.

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Hello I'm new here I want to improve my english especially the speakig and the writing skills .thanks

hello sir
i want to improve my english grammar properly please help me out that how can i improve my grammar
and sir 2nd thing is that please expalin me one sentence
"i dont know that boy"
is this sentence is in present simple form??
if yes or no in both cases kindly explain me

Hello muhammad farooq,

To improve your grammar think about what you find easy and what you have problems with; then you can use our grammar section to find information and exercises on the areas of grammar which you need to work on. There is no magic pill to give you perfect grammar, but lots of practice and regular work will help!

I notice that you ask this on our IELTS page, so you might also want to takea look at the British Council's TakeIELTS site, which has a lot of information for IELTS candidates, including information on grammatical accuracy in the exam.

With regard to your other question, you are correct that the sentence is in the present simple. It is an example of a negative form. You can find more examples and information on present tenses, including the present simple, here.

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Hi im just new here.. This is such a wonderful site for those whose planning to take the ielts and thanks to those who create this, it will help us alot. I have a bit problem and im just using an ipad and i cant find the sample questions nor able to watch videos..hope you can help me..
Thank you in advance.

Hi Nancy25,

Our exercises and videos are made with the Adobe Flash player, which isn't completely supported by the operating system on iPads. You might be able to find a way around this, but it would probably be easier to use another device.

I'd also recommend you refer to TakeIELTS, which also has practice materials and lots of useful information, and I think that most of it will be viewable on your iPad.

Good luck!

Best wishes,
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