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I have a question about IELTS listening test. Should the word or words required to be filled in a gap should match exactly how it was spelled out in a recording?

Hello ahedmoussa,

When that is appropriate, yes, the words should match what is said in the recording. I'd suggest you read the Understand the Listening test at TakeIELTS, which has a lot of detailed information about such issues. Be sure to try the practice Listening test - when you finish, you can see the answer sheet to get a sense for what is required. Note that, on the answer sheet, words in brackets (like these words) are optional - you can use them or not to get a correct answer.

Good luck!

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thanks for all your advises because they're going to help having confidence before taking the test and motivating my self.

I'm thankfull to you for giving feedback, probably I'm not capable to give feedback but your excellency gradually move me and I totally understand your email, I have been studying English language, I'm ambitious to speak or write English frequently so for it I was connecting British Council and I'm requesting to you that could you please give some significant idea or advice suppose I'm your student and you suppose you give advice your own student it's my humble request and once again thanks of British Council or their management to conversating along with merely servant .

Thanks your anticipations, I hope your academy get more success and I'm feeling really proud to conversating along with British Council Management, if I am taking admission in British Council for learning (IELTS) so do you give admission to me? Once, I hope, your favorable consideration in this regard shall be highly appreciated thank you once again. Your obediently Muhammad Adnan Memon

Hello Muhammad,

We're very happy for you to use LearnEnglish to prepare for the IELTS or for any other reason. Please note that we don't admit (or not admit) students - our webpage is open to anyone and everyone free of charge.

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As a not native English speaker you will never be able to speak and write error-free. However, if you try to learn words close to your profession that will proceed your learning. Read something which you like it, also if it is translated to your mother tongue. first read yours, then go to the English.

Love to learn, read or write is different than must to learn, read, or write. Our brain handle with it in different ways, therefore, I suggest you pick books that you like it to read.

I have problem with the reading part, also I read a 200 pages book in two days. Thus, because I loved the subject. In my reading test, the reading for details was not what I liked it, therefore I messed it.

For grammar, this page BC, is the best, you can print it and learn daily.

BBC, discovery, documentary and much more :
good luck

Hi Muhammad,

If you're preparing for the IELTS, I'd highly recommend that you visit TakeIELTS, where you can find loads of information about the exam, practical advice on how to prepare for it, as well as free practice materials.

There's also some useful advice on our Help page that is designed to help our users make the most of LearnEnglish.

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Hello BC team and readers,

I have difficulty with the reading part, in which I have got only 6. In other parts I scored 9s.
I appreciate any from you.

Hello Deler,

With such a discrepancy in marks, it sounds as if you may need to learn some strategies for answering the more difficult questions. I'd suggest that you find a teacher who can analyse your work on reading comprehension exercises so that you can find out what kinds of mistakes your making. You should also look through TakeIELTS pages on the Reading paper, which may also help you.

Good luck!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team