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Hi every body
Is there any file or samples of high scored writing to compare and learn on this site?

Hi everyone, it is my first comment!, I have an advise for The LearnEnglish Team, please increase materials(spatially videos!) and put their download links (we used to download any thing!) I think it will be very useful.
thanks for you great website, to be honest it is unique.


Welcome to LearnEnglish. Thanks for your suggestions. We'd love to have more videos, but they are very expensive to make, so it's hard to add a lot of them. As for downloads, we offer as many as we can, but there are technical and legal reasons why we can't make everything available for download.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

British Council,
I am taking IELTS on October 18 2015. I am not confident about my writing. Can you suggest me a tip to improve my writing skills. I use enough vocabularies but still not confident. Also i am confused with NOT GIVEN questions. Need a good support from the team.

British council team
Could u please help me about IElTs reading task. Whenever i solved reading task my "Not Given" "No" type of answers are always wrong. Let me give u examples:
In reading pessage information is
1." Men silk shirts have 5 sizes,in designer colours,for that special social occasion"
2. Hoodies jackets for childrens: protects from the wind, 4 sizes, large strong pockets.

And in questions:
1. Men's silk shirts are available in more than five colours.
2. The children's jacket has four pockets.

Answer of both the questions is "Not Given" but i always answer this kind of questions is "No", Please explain me why its answer is 'not given' instead of 'No'. Please solve my this problems bcz i always did wrong this type of question. Thank you so much team learning english for your support. You r always helpful for me.


Hello Saima,

I'm sorry, but we don't have time to explain the answers to questions from other websites or books - we barely have enough time to answer questions about LearnEnglish! I suggest you contact the authors of the test you quote and ask them.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks Adam JK could u please help me how to contact author of the test and ask question ?