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Hello teacher, I found that the phrasal verb " flip out" has two meanings which are opposite as per macmillian dictionary. The 1st one is to become very angry and the 2nd one is to become very enthusiatic and happy. Could you please advise how I can determine whether the meaning of this phrasal verb in the specific sentence will be the 1st or 2nd one?Thank you so much in advance.

Hello myuyen,

The only way is to use the context of the sentence in which it appears, or the broader context: who says it, to who, in what situation. The way it is said (the pronunciation, especially the intonation) can also be a good clue.

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hi, i'm from Tunisia.
i'm an engineer, i work for a cheese company. my english is bad, so i'm studying english to improve it.

Hi every one!
I am new here, i want to learn english. But i dont know how to study and what dose begin
My voice very bad, i always have mispronounce. Somebody can help me with pronounce?
Thank you

Hello Hien Nguyen,

Welcome – we're glad you found us! I'd recommend you read through our Help page, which will be useful in general and which also has a section on pronunciation. For help more specifically with the IELTS, I'd highly recommend TakeIELTS.

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Dear we both can help each other actually my verbalising skills is not that to much gud I find lots of difficulty to speak english fluently soo plz shall we chat through Skype I hope through this way we will surely gain lots of tips about speaking English .
XXXXXXX my Skype Id hien u can surely contact me

Hello Yummy,

It's great that you want to practise your oral English with other people – it's a great way to learn – but I'm afraid that our House Rules prohibit the sharing of the personal information. That's why your Skype ID has been crossed out here.

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