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Could u please help me about IElTs reading task. Whenever i solved reading task my "Not Given" "No" type of answers are always wrong. Let me give u examples:
In reading pessage information is
1." Men silk shirts have 5 sizes,in designer colours,for that special social occasion"
2. Hoodies jackets for childrens: protects from the wind, 4 sizes, large strong pockets.

And in questions:
1. Men's silk shirts are available in more than five colours.
2. The children's jacket has four pockets.

Answer of both the questions is "Not Given" but i always answer this kind of questions is "No", Please explain me why its answer is 'not given' instead of 'No'. Please solve my this problems bcz i always did wrong this type of question. Thank you so much team learning english for your support. You r always helpful for me.


Hello everyone , I'm a new member , I've just registred ... I will take my IELTS exam on September the 4th , in British Council of Rabat Morocco , Can you please advise me something and Can I find a partner ? Thank you for reading ... Best Wishes for all !

Hello Soukaina Rhoti!

That's a very big question! Have a look around our site and read some of the comments from learners to get some good ideas and practice material for the test. You can also find some tips on the British Council IELTS page, or try the British Council’s online course, Road to IELTS

I'm afraid we don't have a direct method to practice speaking here at the moment, and our house rules ask you not to share personal information, including Skype, so finding a speaking partner here may be difficult. However, the British Council in Morocco may be able to help you find a suitable study group.

Enjoy your stay on LearnEnglish, and good luck in the exam!

The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone
I am a new member here. Looking forward to learn English as my second Language. What are the first things I must do to start learning (speak and write) in English?

your English is great I think you don't want to learn
best regard

Can anybody give some tips to impvove Writing in IELTS test?
Support some typical models?

Hello Sir, could u plz tell me one thing sir, if i get IELTS 6.0 band, how much score i will get. if i get IELTS 6.5 band, how much score i will get. please clarify my doubts.


IELTS scores are given in bands, so IELTS 6.0 is a score on IELTS. There is no IELTS percentage or other score.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

hi every one i want to write articles in magazines but i dont have enough information about it please help me