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My name is Naceredddine ,I would like to learn English in this
... can you give me ideas or dvices who help me ... Thank you .

Hello Naceredddine,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! My first suggestion would be to explore the site.  Use the links at the top of the page to go to different sections and see what kinds of materials are available.  Get a feel for the level of difficulty of different sections so you can see what will be most useful to you at the moment.

Then start with something that is not too high a level. Many users find Elementary Podcasts Series Three a good place to start.  Work through the episodes, and remember that you can use the transcript to help you, or to read and listen to at the same time after you have done the exercises. As you work, it's important to keep a vocabulary notebook. Organise it by topic ('work', 'family', 'food', etc.) and add words and phrases to it as you go through the material.  Test yourself regularly to see if you remember the words.

Finally, practise English every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes. You can study the vocabulary you've recorded, listen to an Elementary Podcasts episode again, or if you have a friend who is also learning English, practise speaking with them. You can also practise by yourself, just speaking English when you are alone at home or at work.  This kind of practice is great for developing fluency in speaking, so that when you need to use English in the 'real' world you are ready and confident.

I hope those suggestions are helpful.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello there! I am a new member here. And also i want to ask a question for the first time in here. Could u please explain how to use "though" and when can i use it? Thanks a lot for such a great online learning english website.

Hello Jas517,

'Though' is used to show a contrast.  It can be used as a conjunction to join two sentences ('I went to the meeting though I was not interested') or as an adverb ('I listened to what she said. It wasn't very interesting, though').

You can find more information on linking devices, including '(al)though' on this page.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Helooo peter after afew days i will do ielts exam on 7th june...and i am very worried about this test becoz i dont have any preparation i am so weak in speaking especcially in writing would you help me what should i do i need 6 band

Hello noman khalid,

I can't really give you any specific advice because I don't know anything about your abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  However, I can give you a link to a great site specially designed for IELTS candidates.  It's the British Council's TakeIELTS site and you can find it here.  Go to the preparation section and you'll find advice, tips, practice papers, sample answers and so on.

Best wishes and good luck in the exam!



The LearnEnglish Team

hi,i am imz and first time to this forum,how can i improve my writing skills?any suggestion?

Thank you very much indeed for your tips and advice... Today is my interview, wish me luck!!