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What is the correct: 'I've got a band X.X IN my IELTS exam' or 'ON my IELTS exam'?

Is it the same preposition to say 'Good luck IN/ON your IELTS exam'?

Thank you in advance.

Hello fabiorzb,

The correct preposition in both cases is 'in'.

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It's great that you want to practise your English; I just wanted to remind you and other users to read the House Rules, which explain what personal information can and cannot be shared on LearnEnglish.

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well , i am download all apps ! i will try my best . Thank you

kindly I have writing for task 2 could you please correct my mistake and advice me
Question 1

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life. To what extent do you agree?
Eating is the most important part of human to still alive the benefit of eating to provide the body with necessary nourishment and vitamins, in addition eating is an important for body to be strong enough for daily activities. However, eating balancing food is and advantage for people to avoid fat and over weight, but the type of eating depends on kind of activities people get used to do in daily life.

Food sorting is an effective way to provide body with all the necessary materials needed to body to grow up,as well as the type of food depending on the age of person,as an example for children thy have to eat more and drinking milk to support their bons, whereas teenagers they should avoid eating more fates and sugars, because that affects the body and lead to over weight, while young man and adults they should eat following a diet to protect their bodies from being obese.In addition to eating they should practising to do sports daily specially for people,whom work indoor most of office workers should do some exercises.

Making the schedule for timely eating is an major thing to be in a good shape and to give your body a proper time to work and use the food, which we ate this is a great habit every one should do.

as a brief, I am preferring to be in optimal weight and avoid eating sweets or eating more than usual, because the eating in stable amount of foods gives the body chance to burn fat and stop from saving some of then under skin.

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Perhaps another user will have some useful comments for you, but I'm afraid that we don't correct users' writing. This is simply because if we did, it would rapidly become the only thing that we do.

I also want to mention TakeIELTS, which we recommend to anyone preparing for the IELTS, as it's such a useful resource.

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Hi! I have just joined the page... It is a really rich source for people who want to improve their English.
I am going to do an IELTS test at the end of the year so i will advantage and use all the tips available...

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We're glad you found this page useful. I just wanted to recommend TakeIELTS, which also has loads of advice and information about the IELTS.

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