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The very best of luck, Nada_123!



The LearnEnglish Team

I have found it. Thank you anyway. I am listening to my second exercise. I must improve my englis until the end of this year. I am excited to do so. Good luck for everyone.

from where u found it. i m in hurry to improve my english because i have to give english exam on next month starting

Good Morning.
I am Ugyen Thinley from Bhutan, I am 46 years old. , I don't have any idea, For me is everthing new. I work as a Natiotional Language Dzongkha Teacher( our own Language) I am very interesting to learning English. Currently I am working as a Education Monitor Officer MoE Bhutan.Luckly I saw a British Council website. Now I hoping I will learn from you.
Thanking you.
Ugyen Thinley

Hi Ugyen Thinley,
Thank you for your interest in The British Council Website. Learning English is fun here. Now, let's correct your sentences.
(1) I am very interesting to learning English. Incorrect
I am very interested in learning English. Correct

(2) Now I hoping I will learn from you. Incorrect
Now I hope I will learn from you. Correct
Good luck to you.
Best wishes.

Dear Mr.Ugyen Thinley.
I am also going to 40 years old .I am from China, today I just got the British Council website, so exciting , then I can't help writing to you. I hope I can learn the English language well in this system and become friends with you.
Yin shaocheng

Hello Ugyen Thinley,

Welcome to LearnEnglish!  I'm sure you will find the site here very useful and please remember that you can use the comments sections to ask any questions you might have about the material and we'll be happy to try to answer them for you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team