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hi, Mary.I am sadia .I am from bangladesh . your problm is quite similar to mine. I am also weak at verbal. If you wish we can talk to eachother and discuss various matters. 

Hi Sadia,
How are you hope you are well. i am also from BD can you let me know you are which part in bd. i am student of BRITISH COUNCIL In Dubai.
shuhe samad.z94 jN

hi i want to speak enghlish every time becouse i have exzam ilts

Hi,I am giving IELTS Acadamic for the first time...can anyone please help me and tell some tips about how to score good marks in the exam...

Thank You

hello , Iam a new  member for this  website,I would like to learn more eniglish  ,I have a probilem for speaking because no one speak with me at home so I m Iraqi no one at home have the ability to speak with me ,      

I would rather anyone could tell me about reading as well as listening tips in order to gain a tremendous bands...Thnx indeed

Hello there, Anas Arif!
Have a look at the British Council's IELTS reading test advice page for some useful suggestions. However, remember that the only real way to improve is to keep practicing, and to keep reading. My students often tell me that the biggest challenge they have in the reading exam is reading fast enough, so try to read as much as possible.  Keep an eye on LearnEnglish, too, because we have more IELTS practice material on the way!
I hope that's useful!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone, i'm from Jordan, I really want to learn English more,no matter speaking or writing.
Is there anyone can tell me how to learn better

I am from Afghanistan,
I would like to go for Ielts on 9 of June which about 28 days to go for it. I am very weak in Reading and writing. Please, if any body can assist me in this regard

Hi there,
I could do with some help because I have some problems with the Wirting Test 2. If there is the question to what extend you agree or disagree do I only need to write the pro arguments then for example. Or always both sides?