IELTS Study Tips and Skills



Hi vignaraj sorry to listen that.
I think you are very poor in English, in this comment you have used" Taked" (I taked the IELTS exam but i got 5.0. so bad for me. I want to improve my English more. any one help me and give the some tips.) that only indicates how good you are at english. you should not use TAKED, u can use have taken or took.
please read children comics and story books. it will help you a lot to improve your english.
keep trying to learn....
best wishes from 

Hi Shark
I think she is not very poor in English, She is trying very hard.  It is not nice to criticize when you also make mistakes!
'Hi vignaraj sorry to listen that.'
You should not say sorry to listen that.  In English it is 'sorry to hear that'.

I'm so excited to my first IELTS .
Wish you luck :)

My name is ans i am from Pakistan -is there any who teach me the correct english

hello i m harpreet please help me i m very poor in english  give me some easy tips to learn nd write english

Speak daily in English with your friends. Daily read Newspaper for 30-45 Minutes. if at all you come across any new words, find out the meaning & write it in short notes. 

Hi,everyone i'm from Nigeria i want to develop my writing skill for the IELTS exam please i need advice