IELTS Study Tips and Skills



hello. do you still want to tallk in order to improve your english? 

My skype id is xxxxxxxxxxxx and lets speak on saturdays and sundays starting from this saturday. Please intimate me with the timings.

same I want to improve my englesh, how do you think practice english?

Hi friends, I am preparing for IELTS ; but still i am not confident at all.Frequently,I couldn't complete the reading task in time. Do you have any idea for  the improvement? In addition I have been having speaking problem. i mean i cant speak fluently, what  i have expected to speak  before the event. so, if you have some methods  for the reduction of such problems please share.

Hi All,
to learn English well, You need to practice all your language skills one by one at least for a period of time till you feel that you have taught and you can speak easy and confident. for listing, you can watch moves. for speaking, you can chat with native speaker friend. for reading and writing, you can read story books.  

I have got my IELTS result 6.0 (Over All) . The distribution of 5.0 in Listening, 6.0 in Speaking and Reading where as 7.0 in Writing, very pissed off. Any tip ?  

im vignaraj
I taked the IELTS exam but i got 5.0. so bad for me. I want to improve my English more. any one help me and give the some tips.