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Hello lady and  gentlemen i am a new member for this website I would like to learn and speak English fluent. please I want a help... am from Ethiopia

Hi to all my new friends in BRITISH COUNCIL site,
actually i have IELTS exam in next couple of week but its seems i am not enough ready for take good results so i need some advice and help is there any  chance to have it???

Hello mehdi,
I think with only two weeks to go, you need to be realistic about how much you can improve. However, even if you don't get the score you need or want, you will learn about the exam, and should be in a better position to take it again in the future.
As for some advice - I always tell my students to listen to or read the questions carefully! Many students lose marks by not answering the question properly.
Good luck, and let us know how you get on with your exam!
Stephen Jones
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone, i'm from China, I really want to learn English more,no matter speaking or writing. Is there anyone can tell me how to learn better?

I have doubt in using "need" & "want". In what situation i need to use "want" & "need". 
Which one is correct:
I need a coffee or I want a coffee

Hello ramesh,
First, thanks to honortracey for pointing out the difference between the two words.
I would also add that we sometimes use need ​to express that we really want something. For example, when I've been teaching all day, and still have one more lesson, I would say ​I really need a coffee! ​I won't die without one, but it will help me through the next two hours!
There is an example and definition of this use of need in the ​Cambridge Dictionaries Online ​function, on the right of the page.
Stephen Jones
The LearnEnglish Team

"Need" is essential, like food or drink to stop you dying, "want" is just something you would like!

Hi there
Every thing is good but my English process is not.I am trying to learn much more, I need some advice how to learn.