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Hi everybody,i'm Houda from morocco.i'm a new member in this web site,i have a question and i hope that you can answer to me.Who can i have the right answer to the exercise that i do when the my answer aren't correct.
Thank you 

i am also a new member. i think we can practice together..

Hi houdanoha,
Welcome to the site!
i'm not sure which exact exercises you are referring to, but on most of the online tasks, you can click on Check Answers ​to see how you did, and then Finish ​to see the correct answers next to any you didn't get. Let us know which exact page you are referring to, and we can help you more precisely.
Kind regards,
Stephen Jones
The LearnEnglish Team

I'm alaa from Egypt I'm going to take the test before the IELTS ,they told me I've to pass level 12 and i don't know if i will can anyone he;p me about this ?
thank you

Hello Iola,
I'm not sure what you mean by ​the test before IELTS. Is it an international exam, or a local Egyptian one? Do you know the name of the exam?
Stephen Jones
The LearnEnglish Team

hello,  my name is Hellen Matulu,
i am a Tanzanian youth who actually got information about competition forms through radio,but due to my little knowledge about computer use I have find difficulty in accessing those forms,and where to submit them so i was wondering if i will be able to get help

Hello Hellen,
I'm not sure which competition you are talking about. Can you give me any more information? Is it the Euro 2012 Treasure Hunt?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi,I'm Arni. I'm from Jogjakarta,Indonesia. I wanna learn english 'cause i wanna get good score for my TOEFL next time and I wanna speak in english well. Please help me and nice to know you all. thank you for your help, time, and attention.