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Hi Everyone 
I have speaking problem by birth, not able to make proper pronunciation of some words specially starting with "c and k" letter. In this situation, what I have to do? Can i get good score in IELTS ?
Please responce
Thank you 

IELTS knows that some candidates have medical problems with their speech and tries to be fair to them. You need to contact the test centre where you plan to take the exam as soon as possible - don't wait until a week before the exam! They may need to contact IELTS head office and you may need to provide some documents, so please contact them soon, even if you don't have a test booked yet.
The staff at your test centre may not have dealt with this situation before, so if they are unsure what to do, ask to speak to the examinations manager.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Adam
I am newcomer to this site. I look forward to update myself with the practice material of IELTS. I am sure it is going to be beneficial for me.
Kind Regards

Hi,to every body,i am a new member of the team,want to improve my ielts band score specially focusing on listening and speaking areas as i want to get at least score 7 in each,can some body help me, regads

Hi Nasira,
What is your current score in listening and speaking?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everybody.. I need advise for ielts.. I am studying at the British council.. They give me two suggest for ielts preparation. Intermediate and upper-intermediate . I don't know which one is good.. I have only 4 months..and now pre-intermediate4.. I need 6.5

Hello Orkhan,
I think you should ask your local British Council for more information about these two courses. They know more about them than we do.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello  everyone,
is there anyone to help me how to improve my English conversation , unforunaetly there is  any native speakers  or anyone to speak English .
thank for your advise

hello every body, I have been a member before only 7 minutes and I just want to say hello to you...I hope I will improve my english skills during the time I will spend on this link. Thank you British council for this opportunity

Hello everybody,
I want to improve my english but I don`t know how works this site. What should I follow in this site, in a way that in the future, I will make an succes exam like a IELTS. (I believe that I may have made ​​errors in writing)