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hi i'm myat mon ,i want to improve my english .pls help me

Hi friends my name is Rajalakshmi,i want to get IELTS.once i appeared for IELTS but unfortunately the score was friends please help me to successfull in IELTS exam.Thank you all......

Hi! I'm from Japan.Now I'm studying English to study in UK for a year. However I've never had an IELTS test before. So I need to practice English more and more...XD

I'm from Sri Lanka.
I need to improve my speaking English.
So i need a teacher online to learn.
Thank you...

hi i am new on this site any one could help me to improve my reading i need 7.5 n i got 6.5

Hi everybody.I have got a problem about writing for ielts.How can I do?

Hello, I am Mehmet. I from Turkey. I am a Turkish Literature teacher. I want to learn english. I work hard my lesson I hope I learn English. Can you help me.
I can learn Turkish language everyone.
I like this site well