Mock Listening Paper - Dormitory Tour


Have a quick look at the questions first to see what information you need to fill in.

Listen carefully for phrases related to directions, like "look across", "in front of". Also pay attention to the building names.


This listening test contains 16 questions.
To make it more authentic, download the test and do it with pen and paper.


Listen to a Resident Advisor talking to a group of new students about the housing facilities at the university. Label the diagram using no more than three words for each.

a) _________________________

b) _________________________

c) _________________________

d) _________________________

e) _________________________

f) _________________________

g) _________________________

h) _________________________

i) _________________________

j) _________________________



Now, listen again and choose the best answer.

1) Vanessa is

A. a full-time employee of the university

B. a student at the university

C. a former student at the university

D. a tour guide

2) James Blackwell

A. is a full-time employee of the university

B. is a student at the university

C. is a former student at the university

D. a tour guide

3) Laundry services

A. are free

B. are reasonably priced

C. are available from 9 to 5 weekdays

D. are only available on the weekend

4) How many bus lines stop at the complex?

A. None

B. One

C. Two 

D. More than two

5) The garden is maintained

A. By student fees

B. By city taxes

C. By the students themselves

D. None of the above

6) To park your bike you must

A. Show your identification

B. Register with student services

C. Use a bicycle lock

D. None of the above


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Dear sir,
Please im planing to sit for IELTS by july to enables me increased my chances of obtaining canadian express visa,havent go through the mock under listening i find it difficult to comprehend it but after going through the translation i was able to attempt the questions .Is there a way i can improved my Listening skill ?is it something that has to do with hearing problem?thank you and looking forward.

Hello adetao2007,

It's not unusual at all to find a listening text more difficult to understand than a reading text. For most people, improving their listening requires practising their listening skills. I'd suggest you listen to one of the series under Listen & Watch. Listen to an episode a couple of times, and then listen again while simultaneously reading the Transcript. Make a note of new vocabulary, especially when a word is pronounced in a way that is very different from what you expected.

After you've spent many hours listening to one of these series, use the practice materials in TakeIELTS to prepare for the IELTS and be sure to read all the advice they offer there.

Good luck!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thank you teacher that what i mean i will contact to the council to get leaning tools.

good job for everyone ..

hi teachers,

my question is "how i can get direct lesson,whether grammar or writing,spelling..."i mean like curriculum,starting A+Z.

Best regard.

Hello abdijamo,

LearnEnglish is not a course and we do not offer any direct or individualised instruction, but many users have learned a lot on their own using our resources. I'd recommend you try what is recommended under How do I get started? on our Help page and see how it goes for you. In the end, if you'd like to find a teacher or class, perhaps the British Council in Turkey can help you find a course.

Best wishes,
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Hello. I'm not sure if this is correct section to ask my question but I'm not able to find another place. Sorry if I'm using the wrong site.
I am a teacher at a Secondary School in Spain. I graduated at University as a Primary Teacher of English in 1988 but when the educational system changed I was teaching in levels 7 and 8 of the old E.G.B. so automatically I began to teach in levels 1 and 2 of E.S.O. Now my school is bilingual and all the teachers who teach a subject in English must prove a B2 level of English.
I'm thinking in taking the IELTS exam, but I have a question: I've read that IELTS certificate is valid for two years, what does it exactly mean? Should I take the exam in two years again?
Many thanks!

Hello jomasahi,

I'd recommend that you ask your school administration what sort of certification they recommend. The IELTS, like other official exams (e.g., the First Certificate) are valid for a certain number of years, since without practice, one's level can deteriorate over time. Some institutions might accept the accreditation after the validity has expired, but that really depends on the institution.

TakeIELTS indicates a validity of two years for IELTS scores, but I believe that the First Certificate, which also certifies the B2 level, is valid for five years, so that might be an option worth investigating for you.

Finally, you might want to contact the British Council Teaching Centre nearest you for advice - I imagine there are plenty of others in the same situation as you, and perhaps at your local centre they may be able to help orient you.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

happy new year that is a great job , many thanks to all of you