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Have a quick look at the questions first to see what information you need to fill in.

Listen carefully for phrases related to directions, like "look across", "in front of". Also pay attention to the building names.


This listening test contains 16 questions.
To make it more authentic, download the test and do it with pen and paper.


Listen to a Resident Advisor talking to a group of new students about the housing facilities at the university. Label the diagram using no more than three words for each.

a) _________________________

b) _________________________

c) _________________________

d) _________________________

e) _________________________

f) _________________________

g) _________________________

h) _________________________

i) _________________________

j) _________________________



Now, listen again and choose the best answer.

1) Vanessa is

A. a full-time employee of the university

B. a student at the university

C. a former student at the university

D. a tour guide

2) James Blackwell

A. is a full-time employee of the university

B. is a student at the university

C. is a former student at the university

D. a tour guide

3) Laundry services

A. are free

B. are reasonably priced

C. are available from 9 to 5 weekdays

D. are only available on the weekend

4) How many bus lines stop at the complex?

A. None

B. One

C. Two 

D. More than two

5) The garden is maintained

A. By student fees

B. By city taxes

C. By the students themselves

D. None of the above

6) To park your bike you must

A. Show your identification

B. Register with student services

C. Use a bicycle lock

D. None of the above


Hi, May I ask you about the question number1 why the answer is B not D?

Hello Alitoo,

This is indicated in the first few sentences of the audio: '... my name is Vanessa, and I’m one of the resident advisors for this housing complex. I’m a senior at the university ...' A 'senior', as you can see in the dictionary, is a student in their final year of university.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk, would you please explain to me when to write the word's first letter in capital and when to writ small letter ? for example here I found the word "hall" in the answer Study hall ,while its Hall in the other answer Blackwell Hall as well as West Hall .I face this problem frequently . Kind regards

Hello Beshir,

There some explanation of this on our proper nouns page. In this text, 'study hall' is not a proper name, but rather a general name. Other general names could be 'cafeteria', 'book store', 'library'. Sometimes such places also have a specific proper name, e.g. 'Alderman Library', 'Beaman Book Store', but in this text the study hall does not have such a proper name, or at least it's not specified. 'Blackwell Hall', however, is a proper name, and so it is capitalised. In the answers, 'Study hall' has a capital 'S', but it could also be a lowercase 's' and also be correct.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk,
Thank you for your informative reply. As my IELTS test is very soon ,I want to avoid such mistakes by writing the whole answers of the listening test in capitalized letter such as 'STUDY HALL' ,"BLACKWELL HALL", etc...., would these considered as correct answer?

Hello Beshir,

You're welcome! For the Listening test, yes, you can write your answers in all capital letters. See the TakeIELTS Listening advice page for this and more tips.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello yurico,

That's great – that's what we're here for! I just wanted to suggest you take a look at TakeIELTS, where you can find more free practice materials and lots of information and advice about the IELTS test.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

HI Kirtk, I have two questions. is the same thing to say all about that and about all of that?, the second one is why do you use a plural and then a sigular in this sentence "who lives in the dormitory area has someone to go to if they have questions, problems, or needs any kind of help" . Thanks