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The longest flight I have taken was from Tashkent to Istanbul

Hi! In task 4 i just can take one option in each group, is that the system?


I also faced the same problem, I think there is something wrong with the system.

Hi lorevega,

You can put multiple items in each category. First click on the item, then click on the name of the category in which you wish to put it. This will add each new item. If you click on an existing item then you will swap the new one for the old one.



The LearnEnglish Team

My longest flight was from Japan to Sweden. I did not get into Sweden directly from Japan, but I changed my plane at Helsinki. It took about 11 hours including the transfer at Helsinki. I had some flight experiences before, but such a long flight was my first time. However, the condition in the plane was really great because I could watch movies even a new one or ones that did not release yet.

I never travel by airplane, but I will do that as soon as possible because I will travel to Belgium to continue my studies, I'am so exited to do this experience

I've never travelled in an airplane, I wish to do that very soon but, the flies in my country are really expensive because I live in an island, we are kind of separated from the rest of the word.

Yes I have traveled by plane to Tapachula, cancun, Monterrey, ciudad juarez, cuba, USA, Panama, and Guatemala the longest one was from Queretaro to Detroit

I often travel by air but usually these are short distance flights. My longest flight is from Turkey to Cape Town in South Africa.That was really long flight. It was about 22 hours (connecting flight)

The same for me, I went to Australia frome France. That has been the longuest journey by plane.