Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




i travelled many times but the longest flight i have taken is Turkey to Australia
I have been Australia for 9 mounts i've got 4 more mounts inshaAllah , than i m ganna go my country . i will make a merchandise with China Motorcyle Companies, thats why i studying Englisch

Yes, I have travelled by air, of course. I had to very often flight in my past. My last work forced to do it. But there was shot flight inside the country. Each of them during near by two - three hours

Yes, I was 20 years old when I had my first flight but was't the longest I ever had. A four hours flight was my longest.

I started to travel by air when I was 19. The flight from Bangkok(Thailand) to Mobile Alabama(America) was my longest flight as it was a connection flight. I genuinely enjoy to travelled by air.

I never have flight before.

as a big plane in the world i used it to traveled form jordan to afghanistan was about 5 an hours

I have travelled by air twice. Unfortunately, the destination only in local, i have not been to abroad.

i have travelled many times by airplane and the longest flight was from Dubai to morocco

Yea I had travelled by air before. My longest tri was from Abidjan to Dakar.

I have travelled frequently by air. But the destination is only within local and I haven't been abroad.