Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


In home, we have two bathrooms, in one of they there are washbasin, bath, toilet, toilet paper, towels, in other of they there is not bath.

we have two bathrooms, the master bathroom content a Bath, toilet, washbasin and mirror, the guest bathroom content a Shower, toilet, washbasin and mirror.

Our house has a bathroom.In this bathroom there are many things like soap, toothpaste,toothbrush, shampoo and some liquids for cleaning the floor of bathroom.It hasn't a bath.

We have two bathroom in our flat. But there is not bath. There are just shower, washbasin, and toilet in both bathroom.

my bathroom is a classic bathroom. I'm love decoration so in my bathroom you will find a lot of things such as candles, flowers, and perfumes. In my house, there are 4 bathrooms.

I only have one bathroom in my house. and there is only one shower in it. I don't have enough money, even to buy a bath.

We have two bathrooms in my house. Both of them have a shower, a toilet and don't have bath.

In my house we have two bathrooms but only one with bath. The other one with shower.

We have only one little bathroom and it doesn't have a bath, sadly.

Bathroom in my flate is sepated on restroom and bathroom. As for all other things, it is ordinary bathroom, it doesn't have anything unusual.