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When i was young i fall and injured my knee.

I sometimes injured a part of my body. And I just notice that it happened often in a sport practice. I injured my wrist in practicing judo. I injured ma ankle in playing basket ball. Now, I'm a runner and I injured my elbow last year and sometimes, my left hip hurt me.

My thumb has broken down. It hasn't been working. My telephone's fingerprent scanner hasn't been percieving.

What is the different between sprain and twisted?

the same meaning

Hello daniray,

As far as I know (but please note I am not trained in medicine), a twisted ankle and a sprained ankle (for example) are the same thing. It's when a joint moves in a way it is not intended to move, which causes an injury to the ligaments in the joint.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Three year ago, I was in Chile and my friends invited me to play football after job day, where I fell and twisted my right leg.

sometimes when i eat i cut my tongue by mistake. Also, once I went to the dentist and i took off my tooth.

Can you explane me what does "you are all thumbs" mean?

Hello Julia,

The phrase 'you're all thumbs' means 'you're very clumsy'. It's generally a light-hearted comment.



The LearnEnglish Team