Do these vocabulary exercises and learn the names of some birds, insects and other animals.


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I saw spider many times. I m very scared cockroach. millipede is a dangerous insect. the beetle is a common insect all people easily see this insect.

Yes we have some of them where I live.
One I was a kid I used to have a dove as my favourite pet but now I have a cat, the budgie is very expensive here in my country.

In my city I don't see penguins or crabs or fleas.
I would like to have a penguins as pet.

I love all the animals, but my favorites are dogs, I have two Rottweilers.

Some these animals are common for me except penguin. I don't like to have a pet like these, but my cats and dogs have some fleas and the spiders live in the garden.

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Today I have been on the sea and have seen crabs. Also I usually see a lot of beetles, millipedes and frogs because I live in the countryside.