What do you get if you cross some ants with some ticks?


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It's must be one of Gordon's jokes !

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Does it mean - why do you try to do the thing that is nonsense?

Hello Saren,

This is a common kind of joke. When a joke asks 'what you get when you cross', 'cross' means something like 'mix' or 'combine'. If you combine the words 'ants' and 'ticks', it sounds like the word 'antics'. It's not really about combining the insects -- it's about combining the words.

This is called a play and words and is a common type of joke, though it's not very easy to follow!

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Sorry ,I can't get this joke's point~ Who can give me an explanation .

Hello lucyhao,

It is a play on words. 'Ants' and 'ticks' are both types of insect. 'Antics' means foolish and often amusing behaviour.


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