I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?


very nice....

I can't hear the conversation, I just have that picture  what can I do please

There is no audio on this page - it's part of the jokes section of LearnEnglish, which contains only cartoons. If you want to listen to conversations, you should visit the Listen and Watch section.
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xaxa real funnyyyy axa

it's a funny joke it's amazing

hhhhh..really it's funny joke ... 

That is a nice one. Very good play on words!

hahaha :D :D
lol *_*

hello everyone!
i just registered here. its been a long time looking this kind of site and now i found it and i really like it. 4 hours straight i cant help myself to continue listening and answering the questions, and my scores are quite closed. thank you so much for those who make this site.