I've dedicated my life to studying sponges.

Really. Why?



i dedicated my life to studying economics
why ?
because it make me rich hahah
(just for fun )

pham quang anh nice one dude

I've dedicated my life to studying a maze.
Really? Why?
Because they're so amazing!

I don't understand

It means it takes much of your time; you have to invest a lot of time. Also, It is demanding.
In Spanish is the same, the expression is perfectly understandable.
"My job is too absorbing"

ja ja ja all of those jokes make me laugh, thanks :)

could you tell when am I suppose to use the following infinitives
1) progressive I.e to be....ing
2) perfect infinitives I.e to have+past participle
3) passive infinitive I.e to be +past participle
and lastly combination of perfect progressive and perfect passive infinitive
Thank you