Introducing your friends, Angelina Jolie, things you can find in a kitchen, Central Park in New York, celebrities working for charity, etc.

Elementary Podcasts: Tess & Ravi
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Task 1

Section 1 - Conversations in English

Susan, this is Paul” – introducing your friends

Section 1 is based on the Introduction. This section looks at things we often say and do in friendly conversations.

Suggestion: One way to do this section is: 

  • Download the Support Pack and Transcript.
  • Read the Transcript.
  • Look at the Support Pack, where you can read Tom the Teacher's tips and also find some useful words and phrases for this section.
  • Do the exercises below to help you to learn the common phrases.
  • If possible, practise these common phrases with a friend who speaks English or is also learning English.

Practice materials: Exercise 1

Introducing people.


Practice materials: Exercise 2

There are more practice materials in the Support Pack.

Task 2

Section 2 - I'd like to meet...

Section 2 is based on someone talking about somebody or something they like. It helps you to practise speaking for a little bit longer – for example, when you're explaining something, or telling people something about yourself.

Suggestion: The best way to practise is with a friend who speaks English or is also learning English. However, if you can't find someone, you can send us a paragraph in English.

You listened to Zara from Bristol talking about why she would like to meet Angelina Jolie.

Is there a famous film actress that you’d like to meet?

If you can think of someone, make some notes to answer the questions that you can find in the Support Pack. Now put your notes together to write a paragraph about that person and add it as a comment below.



Task 3

Section 3 - Quiz

Section 3 is based on the Quiz. This helps you to learn the meaning of new words and how to remember them.

Suggestion: You can write your answers in our Support Pack.

You might want to use a notebook or part of your folder to make your own word lists and maps.

In the quiz, Daniel and Alice tried to think of things you can find in a kitchen. Playing this game is a good way to revise and learn new vocabulary.

Practice materials: Exercise 1

Drag the words into the right column. Would you find them in a bedroom or in a kitchen?


Task 4

Section 4 - Our Person in...

Section 4 is based on 'Our Person in...'. It helps you to listen to other people speaking for a little longer than they speak in a conversation, like a radio or television news report. When people prepare written reports, they are often a little more formal, and use more complex words and structures.

You listened to Mike talking about Central Park in New York.
Think about a place in your city that you want to tell people about. It might be a park or a famous square – somewhere you like or somewhere people go to relax.

Suggestion: Download the Support Pack and read the notes to help you to think of things to say, and the best order to say them. Make your own notes and then join these together to make a paragraph in the comments section below.



Task 5

Section 5 - Your turn

Section 5 is based on 'Your Turn'. It helps you to listen and understand people giving their opinions.

In Your Turn you heard 5 people answer this question: ‘Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity?’
What do you think?

Suggestion: Download the Support Pack and look at the phrases that the people use. Sometimes they don't use complete sentences. Write down notes and then say what you think.

Which ones do you agree with? Write down your opinion – Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity? You can send us your text if you want. Do this in the comments section below.



Task 6

Section 6 - Carolina

Section 6 follows Carolina – a girl who has come to the United Kingdom (UK) to live, study, and to have fun exploring a different country and culture. Listening to this can help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. You will see that there is often more than one way of saying the same thing in English.

Suggestion: listen to Carolina's conversations in the airport and do the first exercise as you listen. Then try the other exercises.

Practice materials - Exercise 1

Put the phrases in the correct places in the conversation.


Practice materials - Exercise 2

Choose different phrases that you could use in the same situations.


Practice materials - Exercise 3

Please download the Support Pack for more practice materials.

Task 7

Section 7 - Joke

Section 7 is a joke. A joke is normally a funny story you hear and tell someone else. But you can also describe funny things that happen to you. The most important thing is to watch your friends to see if they are enjoying the story or not – then you can make it longer or shorter.

Suggestion: We suggest you do this:

  • Listen to the joke.
  • Do Exercise 1, in which you put the lines in the right order.
  • Do Exercise 2, in which you tell the joke.
  • Think of a funny story that you know. Write down the most important words in English (use a dictionary?). Then try telling the joke.

Practice materials - Exercise 1

Read sentences and put them in the right order to tell the joke.


Practice materials - Exercise 2

Download the Support Pack. Look at the notes and tell the story without looking at the script.


Task 8

Section 8 - Tom the Teacher

Section 8 is Tom the Teacher. These are more traditional exercises. They look at being accurate in English, and often use the type of exercises you may find in English tests and exams.

Practice materials - Exercise 1

Put the words in sentences in the correct order.


Practice materials - Exercise 2

Rewrite sentences using different words.


Practice materials - Exercise 3

Choose if you should say ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Good evening’





I am always dreaming of meeting The last president of America, Barack Obama. Personal, i think he is the best person i know in the world beside our best country's president- Ho Chi Minh. He is absolutely so brilliant that he has many wonderful policies and great things for his country's development, regulary. Also, he brings a lot of opportunities for not only American citizen but also for other's countries citizen like Vietnamese people. Moreover, he is the perfect husband of his wife Michele Obama All in all, in my opinion, he really is the person that i have to learn and try my best to get a bright future at least like a part of his life.
Thank British Council for this listenning tapescript. It's definitely helpful for me.

I am Manuel, I live in Madrid, the capital of Spain.
I am 52 years old and I return to study English after several years.

I have to say that I have used English when it has been done, I have good reading and conversation skills (B1/B2 level), but I can not speak, you know, shame

So now that I have time, I intend to follow these podcasts, and catch up.

A greeting to all and happy learning

I live in Kiev, Ukraine. It is old town, more than one thousand years old. There are many famous places. Now l think it is Maidan of Independence (Independence Square). This place now is important not its buildings or statue or monuments etc., but it is important according to last events that were here. During eleven years here were two revolutions. First of them was 2004, named Orange Revolution. Second one was Revolution of Dignity. Orange Revolution was peaceful, without fire. Revolution of Dignity also started in november of 2013 peaceful, but finish was with fires and victims. So, most important in Maidan of Independence now is not statue etc., but spirit od freedom. IMHO

The person i would like to meet is Ranveer Singh. He is a famous Bollywood actor who started his career as an assistant director and now played the lead in one of the biggest blockbuster "Bajirao Mastani" alongside Deepika Padukone. The reason i like him the most is his attitude towards his fans. Even after being such a big star he meet his fans or other common people like a close friend or a family member and make them feel really special.

I listen several to Episode1. and write all of the tex in transcript. it help me to learn vocabulary and writing. of course my English is not good, but I try to improve it.
thanks to B.C

HI. I'm Marie and i'm French.I live in france near the city of Dijon in Burgundy, famous for wine .I know very well this city because I have lived in Dijon for thirty years.Now I live in a neighbouring department .
In Dijon which is an artistic and historic city, I specially like a small and quiet square. It's located in the old heart of the city, near the market , the church ST Jean and the palate of the Dukes of Burgundy.(IV et XV century)
Everybody comes here: pupils, mothers with childen, lovers,old people and people who come back from market.It's a calm,quiet square with big and old trees ,bed of flowers and a small pound. There is also the great statue of the duke:philippe le Bon.
.Many centuries, It was the garden of Marguerite de Flandres, wife of the Duke Philippe le Hardi.
I like this place because in the shade of the palate, I can see go the ghosts of the dukes and remember me the magnificent life style .

It is very goog speech. You have described your previous town very well.

Hi Tom, hi everyone. I'm Basiunia. I come from Poland. I'm in England from seven years. I came here to make the money. I never learn English. My English skills are wery bad.. I can understand and speak but I can't writing or read. Could you tell me the best way to improve my skills, please. Am I on good place ?? Thank you.

Hello Basiunia,

Welcome! LearnEnglish can certainly help you improve your writing and reading skills. I'd suggest you read our Frequently asked questions page for some general advice on this, and then our Magazine might be a good place for you to start - though these Elementary Podcasts could also be useful. Try them both and use the one you prefer.

Finally, our Facebook page also has useful information about different resources on our site and on the internet for this sort of thing.

Good luck!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I like this poscast.
I would like to practice speaking using this page. What can I do?. thank you