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Tell us about the climate in your country.

Is it always the same or does it change a lot? What are the best times of year and the worst? What temperature do you think is a hot day and what temperature do you think is a cold day?




Hi everyone,
I've been living in Ankara, in the centre of Anatolia and the capital city of Türkiye, for ten years. Ankara's got cooler, dry and less sunny than the coastal regions. You can have snowy and cold winters that the temperature reaches -20 degrees. In the early spring and summer It does rain a lot especially at 6 o'clock we called that "Kırkikindi rains" in Turkish. It always has cool weather particularly in the summer/spring evening so we don't even go out without getting anorak or jacket.

I am living in Ho Chi Minh city from Vietnam. I would like to say that there is two seasons in HCMC: rainy season starts from May and end in November; dry season begins from December to next April.
In rainy season, we just have rain only, not drizzle like the North or Middle of Vietnam. And there will be lot of hard rain in September. Therefore, if you intend to visit HCMC in September, remember to bring our umbrella.
In the contrary, in dry season, the temperature could be high on some months such as March or April. Sometimes, it can get up to 35 Celsius degree.

Even though there are two seasons obviously, however because Vietnam is subtropical country, it has high temperature.
Therefore, we usually make a joke that "There are two season in HCMC: hot season and hotter season, lol".

For me, I love the weather from September to Febuary when the Spring is coming.
At that time, the weather is cool and the scene is so beautiful.

Hello Learnenglish.britishcouncil team!
Hello tttien!
I am in Vung Tau city from Vietnam. It is from HCMC about 100 kilometers.
Your comments are very correct.
I want to say more that when you are in HCMC and around you can suddenly see rains those only last some minutes. But after that it is sunny.
Yes, they have beautiful weather !

Hi everyone. I live in the middle of Poland, near the city Łodź. The climate in my country is temperate. We have rain in spring, recently hot and dry summer. In the autumn is always bad, very cloudy, windy and is a lot of rain, more then spring, but the September and October, when is no rain, is very beautiful, especially in mountain. The winter is mostly cold with a lot of snow. Houses covered the snow are beautiful. That view is unforgettable. The temperature in winter range from minus 20-25 degrees to 0-5 degrees Celsius.

Hi, I live in south side of india, there we people have hot climate in the summer from April to august during during that period we hardly get any rain, after sep we get frequent hard rain sometimes or drizzle sometimes, The climate is completely vary from place to place in india. It's really quite difficult to describe the climate of our country. But normally we have temperate climate most of places.

In general, the weather in my country is really nice, we have temperatures from 10 to 24 degrees in average. Nice weather for going to the beach any time, even if it's raining, it's cool. I love this weather.

The weather doesn't change frequently in Russia. We can observe none or one changing per day. First part of a day can be cloudy, and the second one can be sunny. For me the best season of the year is summer. You can go for a swim, to a beach or just go outside without a lot of clothes on you. Also you can use your bike and driving on it. Winter is a good season, but it has less positive things for me. The worst season for me when winter is ending and everywhere puddles, slush and mud after loads of snow. A hot day is a 30 degrees celsius and higher. A cold day is a 7 degrees celsius and lower.

In India,there is three season.From the month Mar-Jun is Summer.July-Oct is Rainy & Nov-Feb is winter season. May is extremely hot,December is extremely cold and in July,it's extremely rain.I like winter season,I enjoy it a lot.

In Vietnam the climate is different in every part of the country. We have 4seasons on the North and the Middle, but only 2 seasons on the South: dry season and rain season. It's a nice day in the South If it's cloudy a and windy. And in the North, it's not so nice if the sky is dark and the cloud is heavy because they are signs of the storm, and flood maybe.

Very useful podcast today,i enjoyed it.
Regarding weather in my country Egypt, we have typically four seasons, which mainly do not interfere with each other, the summer is very hot, and the winter is very cold and rainy oy drizzly sometimes, because my towen is a sea side one, thats why it is almost cold, and the rest of the year is most propaply good climate. People always has their own theory of the weather, the suppose that when the summer is very hot, that means the upcoming winter will be very cold too.