LearnEnglish Podcasts is back! Join Adam, Tess, Ravi and a new presenter for Series 4 as they talk about pets and whether it's true that the British are crazy about animals. Please join us, and let us know what you think!

Tess & Ravi
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  • How do you feel about animals? If you’ve been to Britain, do you think what Tess and Ravi said is true – are the British pet lovers?
  • How do people view animals where you live? How common is it for people to have pets in your country? Do you have one? What kind?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




In Spain really there are a lot of people that have pets. The most populars pets are dog, but this produce a great problem of cleanliness in the streets because the animals have a shit and piss on the sidewalks and doorways of houses.
Some people, that don't have any pets, complain that the owners of the dogs don't pick up the shit of theirs pets. There are about fifty percent what owners of pets that they yes pick up the shits.

hello everyone! i'm a beginner. would you like Interactive with me?. i hope you help me to improve my english. my email is ----------@-------. about pets. i had a dog. when i was a pupils. i bought it from my neighbour. its intelligent and friendly. those were such happy time of childhood

Hello hathe,

It's great that you are so keen to practise your English. However, please remember that our House Rules ask users not to ask for or share personal contact information on the site. This is because we may have some users who are under eighteen years of age and must be careful with regard to data protection, privacy and so on.



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thanks peter. i will...

I have a sad memory on a pet. I once had three finches in my house, and it was a cold winter morning. I forgot to bring the bird cage into the house the night before, and I found the two of them already died, the only one young finch was still alive and I hurried to bring it into the house and with my both hands, I held it and put it near the heater, but it beat its wings fiercely once and died after all. Since then, I never had a pet because having a pet means to take responsibility for its life, I don't have a qualification for that...

Hi, i'm new here. I'm stare with this episodes, and i want very much for this podcast, it's very useful for me. yes, i have a lot of obstacles but i'm study very hard to improve my language
thank you for everyone here

I have never been in Britain but I would like to meet their way of life and pet's likes. In my country is very usual have a dog or a cat as a pet, they are the most popular. Personally, my favorite animal is the dog and I love all of them but my favorite one is the Golden Retriever.
I live in an apartment so I can't have a dog... I hope in a future I could live in a house with a big garden to have a beautiful Golden.

Hy Dreeam!

I thinks is not necessary live in Britain For have a pet. They are usually sweet and our love for them don't have limits. I love pets. Minion( my elder cat)teach us love, attention e responsability and today i became a people friendly. I hope in the future which you have others Goldens.

I have two cats. her name is Minion and "menina"( girl). They are incredible, and truly sweet. With them I am having to work hard that is loving. But it not easy. the Men need pay attention with te animals when these are pure and friendly the men destroyer the world.
I have a question. What are the beast? The men or the animals?

People in my country love animals and like to keep some animals as a pet. Dogs and cats are popular pets that people keep.My favorite pet is a pomerian dog that’s lovely cute and clever.I’m going to buy it next week.