Carolina and Jamie disagree about telling Emily about Cameron as they get ready to eat dinner, while Adam and Jo consider potatoes and the past continuous. 

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  • What about you? Do you cook at home?
  • Or do you eat in a canteen, or buy something to eat on the way home?
  • And what's your favourite way of eating potatoes?!

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




hi, i'm not good at cooking, but why not to try ur recipe?????

I really don't love cooking. It's quiet boring for me, but I do know how to cook some of the main meals here in Egypt. I'm trying to learn how to cook but not too much. I know as a girl in twenties that I should know how to cook, but I prefer to do something I like more than cooking.

hi everyone, at home i love to cook. I can cook a wole meal but my mother doesn't want me to do because she thinks it is dangerous ( i am already 13 now). But i enjoy cooking. especially baking cake for my family. And for potatoes, i love fried one.
best wishes, ngoc mai

I hardly go for take aways.All the time cook at home as it is healthy,clean and much cheaper. But When I am shopping or on long journeys I eat pizza or go to the MC Donalds as it is much easier than pack ups.

I and my wife like to cook very much. Every weekends, when we stay home, we cook, and invited some one to eat with us. Always we have potatos, baked, boiled or mashed. We avoid the fried potatos, although it is delicious.
I work far from my house, so I have lunch every day in two or three differents restaurants. In Brazil is very common food per weight. I think it is not hygienic, but is very pratical. You choose what you like and how much you want to eat.

Hello! I like kooking very much. This is the way I can relax and feel myself like an artist! As for potatoes, I like it fried.

Hello everyone
When I lived in countryside with my family. We always cook at home, I think it is more hygienic and cheaper far than eating out. Onemore, we can cook the meal that it's suitable with our taste.
But now I’m away from home to study at the university in the city. I’m living in the dormitory with other students of the same school. The management of dormitory prohibit cooking in the dorm to avoid the acident of electricity, so we have to eat out in canteen. It’s expensive to me and I don’t think it’s hygienic.
Thank for reading my comment.
Kind regards

Hi, this year I'm going to start my higher education at the university and I will have to leave my home, so now I'm much concerned about learning to cook myself. Usually my Mum and granny did it. As for potatoes, I prefer to eat them sliced and fried

I rarely cook at home. However, I am good at cooking boiled eggs. If you want a perfect soft-boiled eggs, you should wait 4 minutes from moment that water starts boiling. And you need to wait 8 minutes if you want a well boiled eggs.

It's very funny, and clear, like a tvnovel in Mexico.