Tess and Ravi are back to talk about shopping in London, and Jo and Adam look at how to use the word 'too' in different ways.

Tess & Ravi
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  • What are your favourite places to go shopping where you live?
  • Do you like shopping centres? Markets?
  • Have you been to any of the places in London that Tess and Ravi talked about? Or would you like to?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




I don´t like to buy at internet because I don´t like have been waiting for the parcel and even worse in our "poor" country , the order can take up to four months to reach me could be worse sometimes they just lost your order or stolen it .
But I really like to go shopping , could be shopping center or small market it is fun for me ,I think I am materialist and I know I have to change my mind .

I don't like shopping especially Saturdays it's to, busy and so is Christmas time, I only go shopping when I need something.

Personally I do not like much shopping, only if I need some clothes or shoes and I usually go with my wife or my little daughter to advise me, since they are better stylists and they like buying a lot. But if I like to walk through the street markets where I can distract myself seeing the sellers attract potential customers, as well as the colors of the sales points

In my neighbourhood in Japan, there are a lot of supermarkets and convenience stores, but they are all the same and boring. I prefer individual small groceries and shops, because they know a lot about their goods to sell and kind to customers. However, unfotunately, such small shops are disappearing as big shoppin malls provide things at cheaper prices. I stubbornly keep on buying things at small individual stores!

I don't like shopping. I prefer street shooping or market. In London I like to go to Borough Market or Portobelo Road but my wife prefer Oxford Street.


I love shopping everywhere, but the problem is money. In stores, you need a much money than in a flea market or something like this.
I love Rastro in Madrid, because is my town, but it was wonderful to buy in Petticot Lane in London or Khan El Khalili in Cairo

I´m Titor, I´m from México. Here there are a lot of places where you can shoopings. for example there are elegant stores like "Palacio de Hierro" where the rich people go to shopping; in the other hand exist "Tepito" this is an huge informal market, where you can shopping whatever you want, the most of the things are piracy or stolen things. Here dosen´t come rich people.
So it depends what you want.

Hi dear, I really like this conversation it makes me wanting to learn much in English.

I don't like going to shop at the malls or big department stores. I hate crowds and the people going crazy about shoes and clothes. Is that so important for them? I like wandering into a handicraft market, peep the unusual things, and always I spend more money there than I expected. Here handicraft markets don't accept credit cards.
I haven't never heard about those sites that Tess and Ravi mentioned but, I'd like know them. London must be a beautiful city, plenty of culture, museums, and great people.

I live in a big city with many shops and flea markets. There are differents shop ,cheep or not...Depends on your wallet!
I never been in London but i hope to go sometime.