Jamie might have the chance to follow his dream. Adam and Jo look at how Jamie and Carolina use 'will', 'won't' and 'might' to talk about his future.

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  • Do you think Jamie should 'follow his dream'? Or stay with Carolina in Newcastle?
  • And what about Carolina – what should she do?
  • What would you do in this situation?
  • Should you always 'follow your dreams'?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.




Hello The LearnEnglish Team
Since I've never been in Jamie's shoes, I mean in similar situation, that's not easy for me to decide how Jamie should do. I think he'll never understand about should he go to Borneo or not while he get there. Should he stay with Carolina in Newcastle? Maybe he should have convinced Carolina to go to Borneo with him.
If I were Carolina I would surely go to Borneo with Jamie and only then I would understand about should I stay there or come back to Newcastle.
Should you always 'follow your dreams'? Yeah, I think so. In any case this is the thing we live for.
Thanks a lot for your podcast.

i think to follow our dreams, it depends on us. everyone has to motivate with her or his dreams. me too one dream follower, i am trying also to finish magister degree here in Germany. it is very important that i have to deep my english level because i will write my thesis in english. But here some professors prefer german language for thesis work, but i want to write my thesis completly in engslish, so about may and might i will be say , yeah the meaning of modal verb is known, when we can use it. i will give one exampler:
i may get tommorrow my contract for my job, instead may . i express also, maybe i'll get my contract tommorrow for my job. Good luck all!!!

I think it is very important to follow your dream in these times. Dreams are something what motivates you and gives you strenght to the next days, It is necessary to have small goals for each day that will help you move towards. However, there are more important things in our live like love, family, friends and last but not least health. When you graduated, find a job, get married, born baby, etc. everything can chanhe, including your dreams. My advice for Jamie is try to some conservation things - projects. They (he and Carolina) decide on the basis of whetever he will be taken or not. Only he can know that Caroliny is the right person with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

I think Jaime should follow his dreams and do what is right for his future. The relation with Carolina might produce something else in the future or might not. It's a difficult situation but I think Emily is right, they have to follow the flow and live now.

Hi everyone
A good example about this topic :You can say 'will not' – people will understand you – but it isn't very common is this song All small things blink 182

I should always follow my dream because they're more important than other people's dream. I would go to Borneo without letting Carolina's dream (the one for Jamie to stay) crash into it.

I think that people should pursue their dreams although I know it's hard to make decisions between following their dreams or staying with their beloved people. I personally think Jammie should do what he wants but he can also meet Carolina.

i think everyone who wants to have a good life in the future must follow their dreams to make it happen. They shouldn't think what anyone says to their ideas. it should't impress our dreams in the future. and Carolina shouldn't treat Jamie badly bcz carolina might has lots of dreams of course. she may want to live or work in another country that jamie doesn't want in the future... Anyway life is short , live whatever you want wihtout anyone's thoughts :)))

Hello everyone.
To my mind everyone should follow their dream. All the celebrity in the world have become what they are now through made sacrifice. That means almost all leave the love and sometimes family to follow own dream. But I don't think it should be the same in this situation altough who knows what will be Jamie in the feature.
Sometimes is fine to go with the flow, because many a time the things go in a good direction for us eavean if is hard at the beginning.
Always is tough to making life-changing decisions. Sometimes we might win with our decision but sometimes we might not, but we should know that we are the winner in our life. So whenever we do something we should do with own heart then we can't make a mistake.
Cheer up, follow your dreams' one they you could be faimous, through what you do.

Hello to The LearnEnglish Team
May be it's not correct to write down this comment here cause I'm deviating from the subject but I really wanna know whether our comments are edited before being published?