A selection of recorded articles covering a wide range of topics of interest. They are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

  • Facts about the state of the global environment read like quotes on a poster for an epic Hollywood movie. However, many people feel that governments are not taking the environment seriously enough.

  • Student Power

    Who goes on strike? Is it factory workers? Miners? Bus drivers? How about... University or even school students?

  • In Britain, 1,207 people had to visit hospitals after accidents with chainsaws in 1999. However, in the same year, 16,662 people, more than twelve times as many, were injured by their sofa.

  • Tobacco is grown in more than one hundred countries. Tomatoes and tobacco are both members of the same botanical family. Tobacco smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals.

  • Find out some more about the traditional festival of Hallowe'en.

  • "I've spent most of my entire life surfing, the rest I've wasted." Of all people, the ones that probably appreciate, admire and perhaps even understand the changing landscape of the ocean best are surfers.

  • iStock_000010630709XSmall - vice

    March 2005: it’s official – vice pays. And it’s not even illegal. This month the Financial Times examined the spectacular growth of The Vice Fund, a Texas-based investment company which encourages its members to invest in the certainty of a vice-ridden future.

  • Nowadays in the West the able-bodied are constantly reminded that disabled people have rights like everyone else. But what is it like in the developing world? In places where there are no facilities?

  • iStock_000011236080XSmall - revolution

    The other day I was watching a debate on TV on the subject “Should it be compulsory to learn English?” The speaker chosen to oppose the idea was Vladimir Zhirinovskiy – a politician who many people in Europe think is a dangerous extremist.

  • A man playing card tricks in the street is doing magic, just as a wizard in a story fighting with dragons is using magic. Magic is when something happens that we cannot explain or understand.

  • Rice is low-fat and high in energy, and you can mix it with just about anything to make a wide variety of tasty nutritious dishes, ranging from sushi in Japan to risottos in northern Italy.

  • A beach

    Imagine a beach: a quiet place, with only the noise of the sea and the gulls in the background. It’s a hot day. There is just the sea, the sun, and the beach: a little paradise.

  • A Quick Guide to Dance

    Let's look at some different styles of dance.

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a treatment for pain and illness. Thin needles are positioned just under the surface of the skin at special nerve centres around the body.

  • Aeroplanes and global warming

    Have you ever looked out of the window of a plane at 30,000 feet at the vast expanses of empty ocean and uninhabited land, and wondered how people can have any major effect on the Earth?


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