ESP is a catch-all expression for the alleged ability of certain people to receive transmitted thoughts from others, to transmit their own thoughts, or to see what will happen in the future, or move things.

Extra sensory perception


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ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is a catch-all expression for the alleged ability of certain people to receive  transmitted thoughts from others, to transmit their own thoughts, to see what will happen in the future or to be able to move objects from one place to another without physically touching them. These special people are called psychics or sensitives. Some believe that we all have this ability to some degree but that most of us choose not to develop it.

Some people are happy to believe in ESP while others are firm disbelievers. Parapsychologists who are dedicated to scientifically studying the claims that are made, lend a certain seriousness to the subject. They have identified four distinct types of ESP:

Clairvoyance describes the act of being able to obtain knowledge of a person or event without the use of the normal senses.

Telepathy is the process by which a person is able to read another person’s thoughts without the use of any of the normal senses.

Psychokinesis is the ability to influence a physical object just by thinking about it.

Precognition is the term applied when somebody is able to foresee future events.

Many people are sceptical about ESP. Alongside the existence of documented evidence there are plenty of claims that have turned out to be fraudulent. For most people it is difficult to accept such claims without having had first hand experience. The lack of scientific evidence is another factor to take into account. On the other hand, most of us have, at some time, experienced a seemingly inexplicable occurrence; hearing the telephone ring and knowing who will be on the other end of the line or cases of coincidence that seem to be too extreme to be accidental.

Over the years there have been numerous ESP experiments conducted by serious scientists in serious institutions. Joseph Banks Rhine, a botanist at Duke University published a famous book in 1934 called “Extra-Sensory perception” in which he claimed to have overwhelming evidence of ESP. However, other scientists have been unable to duplicate his results since, which has resulted in the book losing much of its original credibility and fame.

The Ganzfield experiments are considered to have been the most carefully scrutinised ESP experiments. Alleged psychics had their eyes covered and ears blocked while a “sender” attempted to transmit messages. Later the psychics would compare the messages received to the original messages sent out. There was a great deal of excitement and interest at the time but the research failed to produce convincing results.

One of the strongest criticisms against ESP is that in order for it to exist, the fundamental laws of physics would necessarily have to be broken.

Human beings are attracted to the whole spectrum of supernatural phenomena. ESP will always continue to fascinate. This becomes clear when we see how much of the media is dedicated to the topic; magazines, journals, web sites, television and radio programmes. Some of the most successful (the reader says 'sensible') films in recent years have fuelled interest among the younger generations who are starting to ask the same questions and to look for explanations for the same phenomena as their parents and grandparents before them. Who knows? One day we might just find these answers because one thing is certain: "The truth is out there"!




How many of us 'common people' have ever encountered any phenomena or a gifted person such as described in the article? Nice to see them in SF or fantasy films, though. They are, simply, entertaining.

I suppose i am one whome is among the "disbelievers" or, more precisely, one that is totally conviced those people called "sensitive" are actually charlatans, otherwise people who are certain they feel, see and perceive beyond physical laws; aclutally, in my opinion, these latter are completely dominated by their auto-suggestions, which make them, and others who believe in them, to getting all kind of evidences which dimostrate the truthfulness of their assumtions.
Nevertheless, it is true that i based my consideration on some kind of mine suppositions too, and no one can dimostrate permanently these latter to me!
To end, i would prefer to claim "the truth is within us" instead of saying "the Truth is out there", because i believe we humans produce meanings that often we consider to be objective, when they are just subjective, althought we share them and agree about what is real and what not! Howhever, it is also true that because of this, we cannot know the true! (even if it is out there!)

These articles are really informative! Before this, I always thought Clairvoyance and Precognition can be used (is it?) alternatingly or alternatively ?
And after reading this, these words have actually different meanings.

And by the way, on the last task ~ I answered scrutinize but it was marked wrong but when I check for the answers it's supposed to be right. Oh well, maybe it's a technical issue or something.

Hello again gracemaryanne,

I'm not sure why the exercise marked 'scrutinize' as wrong, as it is correct, and if you press Check Answers (after you press Finish, it turns into Check Answers, which you can press to see the correct answers) it shows as the answer. In any case, rest assured that you got it right.

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I think people are fascinated about these supernatural things because diversity is everywhere in the universe. A lot of things don't follow the same rules and can't be explained by the same theory. So it is apparently logical for many of us to think there must be some astonishing ways to do things such as reading other people's mind or moving objects out of the normal laws. And sometimes it is really hard to tell science from superstiton. From memory, I am pretty sure Prof Hawking does believe time travel is possible. So maybe these people are right about the alternative explanations of the world.

Hi everyone!

I'm totally agree with the end of the article: the truth is out there! Obviously, we mumst looking for answers, this is the nature of the humans being, we are curious and we want to know all that we could, for that reasons in all the fields we are constantly investigate news items, results and practical things that we might use in the future, nowadays, that is a reality, for all that we allways want to know answers about all kind of things that we have around us.

best wishes

Real nice story, thanks for sharing!

i like this story's content.

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