Beans on toast


Beans, beans good for your heart. People in the UK eat over 90% of the world's tinned baked beans. Watch this video about baked beans and try the exercises.


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It lookS tasty with music. we can do a lots of experiments with beans. i wll try it at home.

This piece offers good listening exercise for one who wants to sit for IELTS. The conversation is advanced and demands careful listening. it goes beyond the beans issue!

No, I never have, but they look delicious. I would like to try it, but I can't wait until tomorrow breakfast. In fact, for this lunch, i'm going to prepare two good toasts, with beans, tomato, crunchy bacon, and cheese. I prefere Dom's recipe, becous I don't like the ketchup so much.

I've never tried beans on toast and I think I don't want to try it.. because I eat beans on lunch.. and it is rare for me to eat them with bread. 

I`ve never tried beans on toast, but I cook many other plates with beans, the last week for example I prepared a salad whose main ingredient was beans and it was delicious!
I guess I like beans on toast, I choose the Dom´s recipe, but I prefer olive oil and iberian ham toast, they’re like the Daddy. The boom daddy.

I never eat beans on toast; but in the south of France we cook beans with duck and sausages. It is a traditional meal "le cassoulet".
To be easily digestible, beans must be first boiled and then cooked.