How did the son of a small-town glove maker come to write the greatest plays in the world? Join actor and producer Ben Crystal as he explores Shakespeare's early years in Stratford-upon-Avon.





Being honest, I have never watched any Shakespeare work, but I recognise that he was a very good writter. About my job, I did an IT technician course, but I graduated later in engeneering, so now I am trying to find a job out of my current area.

Being honest, I have only watched Shakespeare's Romeo and Julliet and it was amazing!

I have seen a lot of Shakespare's play, my favourite is The Tempest.

it was really nice to know some detailed information about the greatest poet on earth , Shakespeare

As most of the people, I also have seen movies of Romeu and Juliet. What a great writer! Of course, I enjoyed the whole movie. Regarding my job, it is quite related to my major. I have never been in the UK. However, I am planning to travel there as soon as I can.

I hope one day I visit his statue and house

Me to. I've the play but in the movie.

To be honest, I haven't seen any of Shakespeare plays, however the name itself has been world-renowned across countries. No doubt that I would definitely love to see it soon.
I currently work as a consultant in one of the most world-known English courses in my city. It's a gratifying job as it's my first experience in working since I graduated in November 2016.

Well, I have not seen a Shakespeare play, but I have read some books, and I really have enjoyed those a lot beacuse undoubtedly Shakespeare is able to reach the heart of the human condition, that is what I love the most about his stories, the ability to touch the heart of people.
I would have wanted to be a designer, but I am a lawyer, and sometimes I think I could be that kind of person who works in something quite different from what it has studied, and of course, I think it is better not to receive a formal instruction about something artistic, it can cut the freedom.

No, i haven't ever seen a Sheakespeare Play, but i would see it one day. My job is very common and is useful for all the companies, because i work with business administration. I didn't visit a birthplace of a famous writer her in Brazil, but we have good writers too, like Paulo Coelho and Monteiro Lobato.