Practise your English language skills at your level. Whether you need to improve your English for work, for studying or to be able to make new friends and communicate effectively with them, you'll find practical lessons and activities to help you. 

Choose which skill you want to practise today and then select your level. Find the topics that are most interesting to you and start learning by doing the activities and testing yourself with the exercises. 

Reading and listening to as much English as you can every day will really help you to make progress and improve your language level. So, decide how much time you have for your English today and choose an activity that you will be able to do from start to finish. When you do the interactive exercises, you can see how well you've done.

Good luck, and come back tomorrow to do another activity! 

Choose the skill you want to practise

Practise your English listening skills at your level. The videos and audio in this section are at different levels and have practice exercises to test your understanding.
Practise your English reading skills at your level. Reading and understanding different types of texts is a very important skill for all learners of English.
Practise your English writing skills at your level. Writing different types of texts, like emails, text messages, essays and letters, is a very important skill for many learners of English.
Watch and listen to videos of conversations in different places to practise your English speaking skills. The dialogues show how English is used in different types of conversations.
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