Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





I haven't met someone in an unusual way, but, recently I met a new friend he´s a doctor. We met in a public bar. I was celebrating with some friends the Paola's Birthday, she's a partner from university. Nowadays, I'm going out with the guy.

no,i have not but i wish

No, I have not. I met my husband in college. When i met him honestly didn't liking me, moreover i had boyfriend. But in a short time, he asks me if I would like to go to party with him and I agreed to go as friends. Then we begun to go out and somethig strange passed because over time I start to fall in love of him. And when I realized it, I broke up with the boyfriend to be single. When I told my now husband "hey I have news: I have not boyfriend anymore" he inmediatly declarated his love for me. Finally of course, we got married.

Hi. My name is L***. The first, we met in a club sport, which i and she learn teakwondo. Then, we finish a course. No long see, we didn't meet. It was garde 5. The second time, we met again at garde 10. We learnt the same in the class. I'm very happy

No, I have not anybody in an unusual way, I meet my wife in my first job, it is a hotel.

No I haven't. I met my boyfriend in a birthday party.

No, I have not. I'm married, I met my wife in the hospital.

No I haven't.

Yes, I met one day. It was exam day of English language especially listening and speaking skills book. I read the book more and more but I don't know how exam concept will be.
When students entered exam Holl one exam stuff said "I will give you exam paper every one and I will play audio suddenly " so please be careful and answer the questions, then he done. the audio started people clapping then I careful listened but, unfortunately while I didn't answer anything teacher said part one was finished,, two up to end like so and I surprised it.
I sow the teacher's face, he look like someone who was angry and 92% of the student didn't understanding the exam so that some students said "teacher please again audio" but the teacher rejected and he used angrily words. It was trouble, worried and misunderstanding exam because of misleading, format were new to us that time and lack of instruction.

Many thanks for your attention!

No, never. My husband and I met in a party.