Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





i want to downloadthis video.
how i do ?

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I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download for technical and legal reasons. You can, however, watch them online whenever you wish.


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this is a helpful video, thanks

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This online courses are amazing. Its easy to use the website, and its very helpful.
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Heey iam a new member here from Morocoo first of all i want to thank all british council for this great website i really do appreciate this great jop . I have a question please .
What is the difference between " i'm talking to you " and " i'm talking with you "

Hello MoONn 2111,

In most situations, there's really no difference between 'talk to you' versus 'talk with you'. Sometimes people say that 'talk to someone' implies a more one-way kind of interaction -- for example, a teacher talking to her students and the students are quiet and just listening -- whereas 'talk with someone' implies a more two-way interaction, as in for example two good friends having a conversation about a topic, but this kind of distinction isn't always valid.

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i meet my girl friend at a college, in the canteen she always bother me and i don't like this but long time finally i love her .

I met my old friend at workplace when I worked in the field of distribution. She was impressive to me, carrying a backpacking travel book and checking her bankbook. until then, among my friends, there were not those who are interested in budget travel, not living a life tied in regular patterns. And her appearance is also kinda exotic with tan skin and short hair. Although we couldn't have met often, but sometimes like occasions, our relationship have lasted until now. A few days later, she and her husband will hold the first birthday party of her new born baby. I congrats from my heart.

Summer in Finland is really beautiful. So I go everywhere by walking and cycling in the summer :)
One day I walked to home from the church. The distance about 14 km. I lived in countryside at that time in 2013 with my host family. After I walked 11 km, there was a man with the car stopped in front of me and offered a ride to take me home because he was going to the cottage which is same destination with me. I've met him before in the church but we never talked before. He said to me that he will not go to the church for next Sunday because he is going to Netherland for holiday. His name is 'M'. The next Sunday, I kept going to the church. When the service finished, there was a woman and old man came to me to offer a ride to take me home. I didn't know them but after we talked a few minutes, I noticed something that there is something weird thing. Why they want to drive me home? and how they know where I live. Because only 'M' who knows where I live. So I asked them, do you know 'M'? And you know, that old man and that woman is M's father and his sister. So M called the father from Netherland to drive me home. I felt so flattered. Since that moment, we get closer. And get married in 2015.