Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?



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Beginner: A1
Elementary: A2


Yes, I've met a little boy in our village's festival. That was 09pm. He's 6 years old but his knowledge likes the older. He knew many things even on xxx. What's a surprise!
On that time, my wife astonished about him and was afraid for him and his parent on their education.

I have never met someone in an unusual way.

sometimes i met with unusual people in busway or public place and rarely to become a friend. just little bit speaking and then go. i haven't a partnership

It's a nice episode I like it.

I met my friend in like this status

hi.. am Dareen from Syria.. i like this lesson..thank you

Thanks for this lesson. The lesson are pratical. i like that.

i am a shahzaib from pakistan and it was great lesson

I met my wife in the mariage part. I think that it isn't a unusual way.

i am a newbie, and this lesson was a bautiful experience