Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





Starting Out - a great way to learn English

I love learning English with your podcasts. it's great!

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This is the best way to learn English and practice, thanks to British Council for these videos.


I met my friend Nicole in an unusual way. I saw her first time at the airport which I used to work for a year. It was an usual day for me at work. She was sitting by the big wall next to my office when I first saw her. She seemed so sad. I went to her and asked if everything was alright. She told me that her computer got crashed down when she tried to turn on after the flight. She said her detailed schedule was in her computer and she said she is not able to move without the schedule.


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I saw her when we took examinations to graduated highschool. We were in a school but I didn't know her before. Then, we were friends. After that, we chatted and hanged out more and more. I understood, I loved her time by time but I still kept silence. One day, she told me, she think she loved me. So we were a couple.
A month later, she left our province to the city so as to study. The distance and my foolish made our love broken. She kept silence and just send me a message.
For 5 years, we still haven't met once time. Our love left and my friend left.

I'm learning english here for 4 years, and I never found the best way to start learning. Now with these episodes about Julia and sammy, I found a better way to start to practise my english. Very cool serie !!

yes, I met my husband in an unusual way. I met him at the welcome party at university new academic year, I made mistake and he laughs loudly and that made me very nervous and angry to him. Two days later, I saw him on the campus and I apologize to him after that he became my best friend and he falls in love with me and me too.
Now he is my husband and we have got three boys.