Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





yes she was my ex girlfriend. In 2013 i did a meeting with her in an unusual way, when i visited my grand-mother house ,i saw him in a shop. Then i took her phone number in that shop's phone number dictionary.After collect her number, i started conversation with her.

We meet by social media. There was something misuderstanding between us when we started our first chatting. He sent me a bad picture, but he said that it was mistake and very sorry to me. So, he suggested to delete it but I didn't know how to do it. As impact, I sent again the picture to him, and also I said very sorry for that. After that, we have a nice friendship.

My office organized a youth party a couple of years back to mark the launch of a product which was targeted at young people. I met this lady at the event and we became friends from there. She sat by my side during the mainshow and we got talking along the line. i later dropped her off on campus that night. The rest is history, you can figure it out.

I have never met someone in an unusual way in my life.

No, I have never met anyone in an unusual way.

Me too,I don't remember an unusual situation where I meet someone. It's a nice way to meet someone first time... I hope I will get that unusual way soon...

I can't remind unusual situation to met someone. I but met my actual and I hope future wife at an unusual place, in my older workplace. That was in off-licence shop( liqueur shop[vodka wines liqueurs etc]). She came on my shift, we were talking laughing and (don't know that word) the numbers.

I meet my partener at college.

I have never met someone yet in an unsual way.