Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





No l have never meet someone in an usual way. I have a lot of friends and i meet most of them at school or at church. Oh how can i forget this; my partener and i meet at a supermarket we were looking for the same article and i remember it was only one left. He decided to give it to me instead of takilng it because he was the first to take the article . And then i saw him i knew he Will be in my life.

Can I use "was saying" to talk about what was said in the past

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Please see our answers to your other questions on this topic on other pages, in which we discuss the differences between past simple and continuous and provide links to related pages.


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Hello!! I am very glad to be with you l joined this course two days ago but l fell lost like i am not doing things in a rigth order please i need a help

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Here in Starting out, I would recommend that you follow the order of the episodes. But in general our site is not organised as a course -- it's more like a library. It might be useful for you to take our level test and then to use part 2 of that page to find parts of the site at your level.

If it's not too difficult, I would particularly recommend LearnEnglish podcasts. Series 3 is a bit easier than Series 1 or 2, so I would recommending starting there. You can get more out of each episode if you spend more time working on it. I just wrote some advice to another user on how to get the most out of each podcast and I would recommend the same to you.

I hope this helps you. If you're still not sure what to do, please write again and let us know what level you are and what you want to improve and we'll give you some more specific advice.

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I meet my wife on Facebook, she had 18 years old, now we are married since one year.

I met some of my friends in an unusual way. It's Nhat Minh. I met her when I was running on the street. So I and she were becoming best friends. And now, I like her so much.

Finally they fell in love with each other. Lol

I met my really love in my work