Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





hmm .. i don't ever asked their phone number because it was shameful act

If i need someone's phone number, i just ask: what's your phone number?

can I get your phone number please

I don't ask strangers their mobile numnber other than special cause. likewise, It's uncomfortable someone to ask me it when meeting for the first time.

Because I felt flattered when 'M' asked his father and sister to drive me home while he was in Netherland, so I asked M's phone number to the sister. I wanted to say thank you to him. And his sister gave his number. And I sent a text to him and invited him to have a coffee with me :)

When people have some interest in common it is normal to exchange phone numbers with each other.

Hi everybody, I like the way from NgocPham2015: may I have your mobile number?

well to ask someone for mobile number you should know this person at last some days before asking this question !!!!.
and i think its will looks rude if you ask street on this x
and the chance that you have the phone number 0/100.
i think if i know this person i will say ;
hi x can i have your mobile number ?. or
x if you don't mind what is your mobile number ?

May I have your mobile phone number?

Nowadays with instant messaging apps it's common for people to ask someone for their phone number.
Usually, when I ask someone's phone number I say: What's your phone number?