Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





My name is Lucinei

Depends to the person.
For example
If is a woman, I could say. Could you give me your number phone, please?. I would like to invite you to drink something in these days.
If is a man. I could say. Ey give me your number phone.! It's a informal way.

If someone ask my mobile number, I give him or her and I ask his or her mobile number.

Many thanks

would you like give me your number phone?... JAJA I'm so polite!

I have two phone numbers. I use its together in the mobile phone.

Could I have your mobile number, please?

I said... May I have your phone number please?

I said that, could you give me your mobile phone number?

When I lived in England, I've been asked a phone number to my rommate.