Julia and Sammy meet again in the park, but this time he has a question for her. Will she say yes or no?





Look at, you have only 2 option. You go out with me or I go out with you. You can choose.
We can enjoy tonight listening to music could be.
I will see you tonight
Take care

Hello, everybody.
I could say something like this: Would you like have dinner with me tonight? Then we could go to drink or to listen to music. I know a good Jazz club near your house. What about you?

would they like go to karaoke tonight?

Hi everybody !
Would you like to have dinner?
And Shall we go to picnic on weekend?

Would you like come with me to a party?

I like English, and hope learn it,

Hey, have you ever hear about that new Japanese restaurant? Would you like to go there with me?

Would you mind if I ask you to eat fried chicken with me tomorrow?

Would you like to eat out this night?
Maybe someone will say it one day to me.