Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?





if I have the same situation, directly i do phone call and I'll stop in the one place.

good information...!

Yes, then I must call him from my cell phone

Yes, I have been of this situation, but the only solution was of call that person .

ussualy if i get difficult to find the street , i always wear GPS to look for the street

Nowadays that we all have mobile phones, it's a little easier to find someone than the past. Mainly we can meet each other at the specific spot like a coffee shop. Sammy and Julia should have said the floor number first in this movie.

I got difficult to find the new place. I have lost many times. What I usually do is just going to center information.

well not easy to give direction to someone that he waiting for you in the airport or city center or a busy area.
all what can I say that we can give direction or signs to find the person that he looks for you or you are looking for him.

hi everyone
well yes I think something wrong with the website at the moment hope they will fix it soon

Thanks for giving me a chance of practice.
No it didn't happen to me yet.