Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?





Finding someone in whatever place is very easy if the information is clear. In the opposite is very too hard. It's very important gives the excatly address.

while I was little I was lost in bazaar. When ı turned back I couldnt see my mom
I was scared I didnt know where ı go. Just walked then ı saw aunt and hugged her

I had faced this situation before. When that was happened, I just sent sms to my friends and stood in well-known place.

Yes, I have. At the moment, I wanted to find shoes for college but I didn't find them. So, I asked to the seller.

In fact I always have troubles in find out where I parked my car and the worst part is I can't phone it in order to have any clue where I left it so the best I can do is beeping the alarm's car and looking around until I discovery the right park place. I know it sounds very stupid but it is true.

ask people and ask for help

Is anyone here would like to practice speaking via skype.... I would be appreciate if you can help me .

yes i am interested. it's good idea

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